At 82 Mr. Mahendru, was suffering from persistent knee pain and could not walk very far without support. Over the last few years, he had consulted multiple hospitals and leading specialists in the US but had no relief. This is when HealthCare at Home stepped in. Since Mr. Mahendru was an early riser, our staff made it a point to reach his home at 6 AM for regular physiotherapy sessions. These included gait training, elcetromechanical therapies, Mooligan therapy and more to reduce pain.

Today Mr. Mahendru walks with a new spring in his step. After a month of treatment, he walked down two flights of stairs all by himself, something he hadn't done in 5 years.

How we helped Mr. MAHENDRU

A detailed and guided care plan was provided with an integrated approach to reduce pain that included various types of treatment using international portable machines.

Quality care at home

Services delivered by highly trained rehabilitation experts with 16 years of collective experience.


Saved him the hassle of long travel and hospital queues by providing treatment at an even lesser cost than the hospital at very early hours of the day.

Adherence to care plan

Taking into account the dynamicity of the wholesome care, adherence to plan was monitored and nutrition advice and disease counselling was included in the plan.

Mr. MAHENDRU's team
Qualified professionals with special training for home care for smoother and faster recovery.

3 years experience

BPT, Homecare Rehabilitation Physiotherapist

1 year's experience


2 years experience

BPT, Homecare Rehabilitation Physiotherapist

2.6 years experience

Masters in Physiotherapy, Homecare Rehabilitation Physiotherapist
Doctor & Patient Speak
We are so satisfied with Health Care at Home’s services that I have already recommended them to a few friends and their parents.
Bela Mahendru
Mr. Mahendru's daughter
Just after a month of treatment, Mr. Mahendru was able to walk down the stairs of his house without any support. This was something he couldn't do for 5 years.
Dr. Prativa
Physiotherapy, HCAH

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Our vision
To build a 21st Century model of home health care in India, centred on the patient and based on the highest quality home health service.
Our mission
To fulfil this vision through a world-class service, equal to or exceeding any such home health service in the West.
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