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Home nursing care allows a patient the comforts and independence of his or her home while still remaining under supervised care. Home care nurses are responsible for the medical and emotional well-being of their patients. Unlike in hospitals where a nurse has to cater to multiple patients at a time, a home healthcare system allows a more personal and focused treatment to the patient in his preferable environment his home.




In a world of busyness, where the sedentary lifestyle and hectic work is taking a toll on our lives, opting for physiotherapists at home is a boon both for the patient and the therapist. While the patient gets to be treated within the comforts of his home, the physiotherapist can be more focused on delivering a personalized and an outcome-based treatment.




To help someone adopt a lifestyle that involves having a healthy diet, the nutritionist needs to hold a reliable position in the patient’s life. This is possible at HCAH, where the nutritionists get to visit their patients and they in turn get to consult them within the comfort of their homes.



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    Reach the pinnacle of success with diverse growth opportunities

    At HCAH, our objectives are in alignment with providing only the absolute best, be it in terms of consumer experience or career opportunities. We strive to spearhead towards the ultimate goals of impeccable quality, complete satisfaction and relentless passion in everything we do. If you believe you have the commitment to outdo yourself, and caring for people makes your day come alive, this is where you are meant to be. Discover how our highly driven health professionals have made so many lives better.

    Devreet Singh Bhangu– Nursing, Clinical Team

    I am working at a place where we believe that the
    management is concerned about us as people and not just as
    employees. This makes me feel more satisfied, more fulfilled
    and more productive. Here, their own people are their number
    one customers.

    Kanika – Nutritionist, Diabee

    Taking a job at HCAH is the best thing you can do

    In my entire career span of 10 years in the
    healthcare industry, so far HCAH is the best organization
    I have ever worked for. HCAH has offered me plenty of
    opportunities and a pretty wide canvas to showcase my talent
    and abilities in home care as a nutritionist.

    Prativa Talukdar – Rehabilitation Services

    The concept of providing physiotherapy by a company
    at home was very new and exciting for me, so I joined this
    organization. It makes for a better working environment in
    comparison to hospitals which have a really strenuous and
    overbearing work premise.

    My journey in this organisation has been from a follower to a leader and all this is because my ability has been recognized and I have been given the reason to work hard. The adage that Hard work always pays becomes true here at HealthCare atHOME.

    As long as you demonstrate that you have the qualities and the potential to advance within the company, the sky is definitely the limit. It’s an interesting place to work and that’s important to me!!

    Meanwhile, homecare services have a “corporate feel” as well as make one on one care possible for the patient during the required treatment period to bring out improvement in patient’s condition. HCAH has a culture conducive for giving quality treatments to the patients. The availability of advanced machines show better and quicker results in patient’s recovery. We get trained through sponsored training programs and learn new concepts in physiotherapy. Alongwith numerous growth opportunities, HCAH also gives a better payout than hospitals and other home healthcare providers.

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