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Physiotherapy Services in Delhi for Shoulder Pain

physiotherapy for shoulder pain

Physiotherapy Services in Delhi for Shoulder Pain

at the comfort of your home


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Physiotherapy Services in Delhi for Shoulder Pain

at the comfort of your home


Home Physiotherapy Services for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain may be relatively short-lived or part of rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. In the event of persistent shoulder pain, physiotherapists help to manage your pain and improve strength and flexibility. Our physiotherapists carry out a thorough assessment to analyze the cause of your pain or injury and determine the degree of the pain to accurately select the method of treatment. Your condition will direct whether to try a non-operative treatment approach to regain your range of movement, strength, speed and function both to normal or to condition and prepare your body for a surgical procedure.

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Physiotherapy can be helpful for people of all ages with health conditions like:

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    Shoulder & Neck Pain 

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    Paediatrics Physiotherapy

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    Joint Replacement

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    Sptkort Injuries

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    Neuro Rehab

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    Geriatrics Rehabilitation

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    Pregnancy & Postpartum rehabilitation

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We perform a comprehensive assessment for understanding patient’s condition followed by a treatment plan based upon the outcomes.

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Tanvi Sharma, 6 yrs experience
BPT, Homecare Rehabilitation Physiotherapist Specializes in Musculoskeletal Disorders and Sports Physiotherapy
Lalit Kumar, 4 yrs experience
MPT, Homecare Rehabilitation Physiotherapist Specializes in Cardio Pulmonary
Birbar Debnath, 3.5 yrs experience MPT, Homecare Rehabilitation Physiotherapist Specializes in Musculoskeletal Disorders and Sports Physiotherapy

Expert Speaks

Dr. Gagan Kapoor,
Head of Physiotherapy Services at HealthCare atHOME Former Physiotherapy Lead with Indian National Football Team


Why one should opt for Physiotherapy?
An alternate approach to medicines and chemicals, physiotherapy as the name suggests is the science of relieving pain and ensuring reintegration through mechanical movements and forces ... Read More
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Patient Speaks

I am grateful to HealthCare atHOME for helping me regain mobility and return to an active lifestyle. The team of physiotherapists thoroughly diagnosed the root cause of my problem and suggested the customised treatment plan to relieve the pain.”

Ujjwal Abhishek
(Physiotherapy Patient)

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Physiotherapy helps in pain relief for people suffering from cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, paralysis, numbness in limbs, knee or back pain, muscular or tissue injury and post-operative rehabilitation.
Depending upon the severity of the problem, physiotherapy is administered for cervical spondylosis, pulmonary or other chronic lung diseases, paralysis, arthritis, sports injuries etc.
The duration of any physiotherapy treatment varies from patient to patient. It depends upon the severity of the problem and body’s response to the therapy being administered. In case of a sports injury, the treatment can go on for four-six months or even more whereas a regular back pain may range between three to four months to heal.
Physiotherapy helps in restoring the sensation in the limbs affected by paralysis. Although this treatment takes time but manual therapy supported by advanced equipment promotes quicker recovery from paralysis.

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