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Physiotherapy Services

at the comfort of your home


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Physiotherapy Services

at the comfort of your home


Our Home Physiotherapy Services

HealthCare atHOME provides physiotherapy services that aim at alleviating pain in basic conditions like lower back pain or knee pain as well as in chronic disorders. We provide a protocol-led care plan administered by highly qualified personnel at your convenience. Our treatment plans are developed in close consultation with the patients and are personalised to suit their goals and circumstances.

With you, when you need us the most

Physiotherapy helps people of all ages with health conditions like:

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    Bones, joints and soft tissue
    Such as back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain and sports injuries

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    Brain or Nervous System
    Improving movement issues resulting from a stroke, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease

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    Heart and Circulation
    Rehabilitation after a cardiac surgery

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    Lungs and Breathing
    Improving ventilation in patients due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and cystic fibrosis

Our specialised packages

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    Lower back pain – for patients suffering from mechanical low
    back pain.

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    Knee pain management service –for degenerative and age-related
    knee pain that limits a person’s activities of daily living.

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    Pulmonary rehabilitation – for people who have
    chronic or ongoing lung disease.

We perform a comprehensive assessment for understanding patient’s condition followed by a treatment plan based upon the outcomes.

Why choose our Physiotherapy services?

Outcome based
treatment plan

Clinical Evaluation Team
for treatment monitoring

Electronic reporting on
clinical progressions

Calibrated imported
electrotherapy equipment

Exercise program for

Customer approval
rating of 4.8/5

How we work?

Meet Our Team

Tanvi Sharma, 6 yrs experience
BPT, Homecare Rehabilitation Physiotherapist Specializes in Musculoskeletal Disorders and Sports Physiotherapy
Lalit Kumar, 4 yrs experience
MPT, Homecare Rehabilitation Physiotherapist Specializes in Cardio Pulmonary
Birbar Debnath, 3.5 yrs experience MPT, Homecare Rehabilitation Physiotherapist Specializes in Musculoskeletal Disorders and Sports Physiotherapy

Expert Speaks

Dr. Gagan Kapoor,
Head of Physiotherapy Services at HealthCare atHOME Former Physiotherapy Lead with Indian National Football Team


Why one should opt for Physiotherapy?
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Patient Speaks

I am grateful to HealthCare atHOME for helping me regain mobility and return to an active lifestyle. The team of physiotherapists thoroughly diagnosed the root cause of my problem and suggested the customised treatment plan to relieve the pain.”

Ujjwal Abhishek
(Physiotherapy Patient)

Read Ujjwal's Story

Why HealthCare atHOME?

100+ years of clinical

Served over 3.5 lac

Customer-centric services
backed by NPS score>70

International treatment
protocols followed

Location List

  • Delhi NCR

  • Mumbai

  • Chandigarh

  • Jaipur

  • Hyderabad

  • Bengaluru


Physiotherapy helps in pain relief for people suffering from cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, paralysis, numbness in limbs, knee or back pain, muscular or tissue injury and post-operative rehabilitation.
Depending upon the severity of the problem, physiotherapy is administered for cervical spondylosis, pulmonary or other chronic lung diseases, paralysis, arthritis, sports injuries etc.
The duration of any physiotherapy treatment varies from patient to patient. It depends upon the severity of the problem and body’s response to the therapy being administered. In case of a sports injury, the treatment can go on for four-six months or even more whereas a regular back pain may range between three to four months to heal.
Physiotherapy helps in restoring the sensation in the limbs affected by paralysis. Although this treatment takes time but manual therapy supported by advanced equipment promotes quicker recovery from paralysis.
About HealthCare atHOME

In the future, the home will be the hub of all healthcare with all the technology being used in the field today pointing in this direction. For patients also, this is an ideal situation where they can heal faster and better in known and comfortable surroundings in addition to the advantage of being cost effective. HealthCare atHOME is backed by the Burman family (the promoters of Dabur), with their proud legacy of trust and excellence for over 125 years. Our endeavour is also backed by the clinical credibility of the founders of HAH, UK, where the company has a healthy market share of 80% and is considered a leader and pioneer in home healthcare. In India, we look to bring significant value to the healthcare. industry and the home health service sector by drawing synergies and lending support to existing organizations. Above all we aim to bring quality healthcare, offering comfort and convenience to the patient right at their door step.

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HealthCare atHOME is a joint venture between the Burman family, the promoters of Dabur and founders of HAH, UK.