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Ujjwal's journey to better health

Ujjwal Abhishek is a 28 year young energetic man working in a media house in Delhi/NCR.
His work schedule is hectic, requires a lot of late nights and he barely manages to get any rest. Both the mental and physical stress of his high-pressure job along with unchecked sitting posture for long duration took a toll on his back in the form of severe pain in the lower back. He was unable to get up from bed and was experiencing lower back pain even while coughing.

Not only was Ujjwal Abhishek mobility severely affected but he was unable to sleep properly. Worried about the problem aggravating and affecting his spinal area, he contacted HealthCare atHOME, seeking a professional pain management treatment carried out by healthcare experts at the comfort of his home.

The team at HealthCare atHOME planned a complete treatment for Ujjwal which included electrotherapy in addition to stretching exercises for the calves, hams and piriformis muscles. Certain advanced exercises like strengthening exercises, core stabilisation exercises, spinal mobility exercises and hot fomentation helped his back muscles to relax. The entire treatment was carried out under the supervision of trained experts from HealthCare atHOME.

Ujjwal Abhishek started responding within the first week and after 45 days of regular treatment and home exercises, his condition evidently improved and his pain score reduced from six to zero on a scale of 10. Not only was he able to sleep soundly, but could even walk around freely and resume to his active lifestyle.

Jyoti Singh
(Ujjwal’s Wife)

“Ujjwal’s lower back pain was increasing with every passing day. But when HealthCare atHOME’s physiotherapists planned his treatment and took the sessions at home, it was a big relief! We would recommend HealthCare atHOME to all whenever they’re in need.”

Case Details

Name: Mr. Ujjwal Abhishek
Age: 28 Y/M
Diagnosis: Low Back Pain
Service Taken: Low Back Pain Management Service

On Boarding Condition:
Pain score- 6/10
ODI – 22, SLR – 70 degree
Disturbed sleep
Pain while getting up from the bed, even while coughing

What We Did:
Stretching of calf, hams and piriformis muscles
Electrotherapy & manual therapy
Hot fomentation
Strengthening exercises of back muscles
Core stabilisation exercises
Spinal mobility exercises

Pain reduced to 0/10
SLR improved to 90 degree from 70 degree, ODI – 13 from 22
Patient able to walk and sleep comfortably

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