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Guruvinder’s journey to better health

Mr. Guruvinder Singh is a joyful person who always ensures age doesn’t define his state of well-being and hence believes in taking regular initiatives which can give any young fitness freak goals to live by. But ever since he underwent a surgery for his fractured occipital bone and the resulting Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, his mobility became extremely restricted.
Since he was completely bed-ridden, urinating properly also became a challenge.
Coupled with heavy medication and limited diet, he contracted Urinary Tract Infection.
His son and daughter-in-law got worried as only after 15 days since his surgery,
they couldn’t take chances with another medical complication. With both of them being working professionals, they decided to seek expert help to ensure Mr. Singh’s speedy and smooth recovery from the surgery.

They contacted HealthCare atHOME and our team immediately began monitoring Mr. Singh’s vital signs. The relevant equipments were arranged to ease his Urinary Tract Infection problem. After cleaning the area with an antiseptic solution, the experts applied the Xylocaine gel for lubrication and inserted the catheter with the help of aseptic non-touch method. The catheter was then inflated with 30ml sterile water.

The team was constantly monitoring Mr. Singh’s condition and did not observe any complications like bleeding and catheter blockage. The catheter was secured to the patient’s body. A flash of urine was observed without any bleeding or catheter blockage. Mr. Singh was instantly relieved of the inconvenience he was experiencing.

Ishmeet Singh
(Mr. Guruvinder’s Son)

“We were worried about the Urinary Tract Infection which developed after the surgery. Thank God for HealthCare atHOME’s professional and highly hygienic services, we could breathe a sigh of relief. They made the entire process look so simple and hassle-free for us.

Case Details

Name: Mr. Guruvinder Singh
Age: 73 Y/M
Location: Chandigarh
Service Taken: Single nurse procedure

On Boarding Condition:
Fracture Occipital bone
Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Urinary Tract Infection

What We Did:
Arranged equipment for procedure
Cleaned area with antiseptic solution
Applied Xylocaine gel for lubrication
Catheter insertion done under aseptic non touch method
Catheter inflated with 30 ml sterile water
Observed any complications like bleeding and catheter blockage

Uneventful procedure
Flash of urine
No complications like bleeding or catheter blockage

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