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Nurse At Home

Nursing Care

at the comfort of your home

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Nursing Care

at the comfort of your home


Our Home Nursing Care Services

Our home nursing care services ensure that your well-being is never compromised. We follow all the guidelines for medical profession to bring
you the most compassionate and attentive care at home. Home nursing services also give the opportunity to patients to recover among
their family members.

With you, when you need us the most

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    Everyday Healthcare Services atHOME – From specialised procedures to everyday matters, our standards of care are the same for every aspect of healthcare. We offer trained assistance in RT insertion, catheter insertion, injection administration, small and large wound dressing etc.

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    Specialised Procedures atHOME – In certain medical conditions,
    patients are suggested to shift to their homes to avoid hospital-acquired infections. We offer hospital-like care at home where our certified nursing staff can assist in PICC line dressing, bedsore care, chemo port flushing etc.

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    Nursing Attendant Services atHOME – When health isn’t by your side, our attendants are. Our healthcare attendants can offer trained assistance and medical companionship for 12/24 hours. They are capable of monitoring vitals
    like blood pressure, administering oral medication and even assisting the patient with their activities of daily living.

Care Packages:

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    Post-Surgical Care atHOME

    We provide personalised high-end care after surgeries such as bariatric, gastric, onco (cancer), laparotomy and kidney transplant among others.

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    Cancer Care atHOME

    Special care is required for those diagnosed with cancer. We provide comprehensive and customised care in the comfort of their homes.

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    Cardiac Care atHOME

    Post-cardiac surgery care which comprises of post-angioplasty, post-pacemaker implantation, post-bypass surgery and valve replacement surgery care at home.

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    Pulmonology Care atHOME

    We provide comprehensive treatment services for respiratory or pulmonary disorders in the comfort of home.

Why choose our nursing services?

100% on-roll & registered nursing staff (GNM/ B.Sc./ M.Sc.)

Certified in Basic Life Support by American Heart Association

Berkeley HealthEDU- customised training with high fidelity simulators

ICU training of nurses in leading corporate hospitals

Undergone mandatory 66+ practical clinical competency checks

Follows international standards and protocols

How we work?

Meet Our Team

Lilly Georgena, 17 yrs experience GNM, Nursing Supervisor Specializes in Oncology, ICU, Gynaec, OT, Medical and Surgical
Joseph PC, 7 yrs experience B.Sc Nurse, Asst. Manager-Clinical Governance Group Specializes in Oncology
Bibin Joseph, 11 yrs experience GNM, Homecare General Nurse Specializes in ICU, Medical and Surgical Ward

Expert Speaks

Usha Prabhakar,
Sr. Director Nursing & Clinical


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Patient Speaks

I couldn’t identify a solution to the aggravating medical complication and obviously it was painful. I thank HealthCare atHOME for relieving my problem and the personalised care they supported me with.

Guruvinder Singh
(Nursing Patient)

Read Guruvinder's Story

Why HealthCare atHOME?

100+ years of clinical

Served over 3.5 lac patients
in 40+ cities

Customer-centric services
backed by NPS score>70

International treatment
protocols followed

Location List

  • Delhi NCR

  • Mumbai

  • Chandigarh

  • Jaipur

  • Hyderabad

  • Bengaluru


Our nursing staff undergoes extensive training as listed below:
‘Berkeley HealthEDU’ – customized training with high fidelity simulators.
American Health Association certified Basic Life Support training.
Mandatory 60+ clinical competency checks before nurses can begin independent visits to the patients’ homes
Yes, HCAH provides personalized high-end care post surgeries like bariatric, gastric, cancer, laparotomy, and kidney transplant among others. This includes seamless service with assisted discharge, post-operative dressing and wound management, diet monitoring and nutrition counselling, physiotherapy, ambulation and DVT prophylaxis, stitch removal and drain care, home intravenous antibiotic therapy, and pain management along with patient’s education and family counselling.

Our specialized nursing care services cover medical conditions like VAC dressing, colostomy care, ileostomy care, PICC line dressing, home ventilation (invasive), NIV management, chemo port flush etc.

We offer comprehensive care plans for medical treatments like cancer, respiratory or pulmonary disorders, post-cardiac surgery care and care for post-surgical procedures.

Yes, our certified nurses are trained for end of life care or hospice care for patients suffering with diseases like last stage cancer etc. irrespective of their age and gender.

HealthCare atHOME ensures safety and hygiene for patients with well-defined clinical protocols that are at par with hospital standards. All the services are facilitated by doctor-driven treatment.

We also conduct regular audits, which comprises of sharing patient’s daily assessment reports with the supervising doctor so that timely intervention can be given, weekly tele/video audits, monthly on-site audits and evaluation of Home Visit Report by our in-house clinical team to ensure best-quality medical treatment for the patients.

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