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  HealthCare atHOME understands an individual’s right to confidentiality The information provided is
safe with us. *We do not provide drug(s) without doctor’s prescription.

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Toll-Free Number – 1800-102-4224

  HealthCare atHOME understands an individual’s right to confidentiality. The information provided is safe with us. *We do not provide drug(s) without doctor’s prescription.

Our Medicine Delivery at Home Services

Driving to a pharmacy, waiting at the counter, keeping track of refills—this is what medication is all about these days, especially when you are taking care of your ailing loved ones at home. It is time you save time and get medicines delivered at your doorstep with our Medicine Delivery at home Services. We assure you round-the-clock services along with providing you auto refills as and when your medicine supply draws to a close.

Our medicine delivery service is a one-stop solution with benefits at every step.

  • Cold chain storage
  • Refill monitoring
  • Safe and secure
  • Authenticated drugs
  • Prescribed brands


We deliver medicines for treating most chronic conditions

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    Kidney Problems

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    Blood Pressure

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With you, when you need us the most

Physiotherapy helps people of all ages with health conditions like:

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    Brain or Nervous System 
    Improving movement issues resulting from a stroke, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease

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    Heart and Circulation
    Rehabilitation after a cardiac surgery

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    Lungs and Breathing
    Improving ventilation in patients due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and cystic fibrosis

Our specialised packages

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    Lower back pain – for patients suffering from mechanical low
    back pain.

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    Knee pain management service –for degenerative and age-related
    knee pain that limits a person’s activities of daily living.

We perform a comprehensive assessment for understanding patient’s condition followed by a treatment plan based upon the outcomes.

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Medicine Plan

Easy to order and track


Automatic refill


24/7 support


Fastest delivery

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Patient Speaks

Ever since I got associated with HCAH's Medicine Delivery atHOME, my medicines and other supplies are always delivered on time, without any damage. I need not worry about the authenticity of the drugs and the timely refill of medicine stock ensures I never miss any dose. The customer support system is excellent as all my queries are resolved through an efficient procedure. I am now better able to adhere to my medicine prescription."

- Ramesh Zalpuri


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Physiotherapy helps in pain relief for people suffering from cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, paralysis, numbness in limbs, knee or back pain, muscular or tissue injury and post-operative rehabilitation.
Depending upon the severity of the problem, physiotherapy is administered for cervical spondylosis, pulmonary or other chronic lung diseases, paralysis, arthritis, sports injuries etc.
The duration of any physiotherapy treatment varies from patient to patient. It depends upon the severity of the problem and body’s response to the therapy being administered. In case of a sports injury, the treatment can go on for four-six months or even more whereas a regular back pain may range between three to four months to heal.
Physiotherapy helps in restoring the sensation in the limbs affected by paralysis. Although this treatment takes time but manual therapy supported by advanced equipment promotes quicker recovery from paralysis.
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