Quality Home Care Services

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Benefits with HealthCare at Home

Cost effective with excellent clinical

Personalized care by competent professionals guided by customized care plan prescribed by your doctor.

Quicker patient recovery in a comfortable and secure home environment.

Professional protocol led healthcare with reduced scope of hospital acquired infections.

Comfort and convenience of getting hospital like care at a time favorable to you and your family.

5 ways our team is trained to help you
Highly qualified healthcare professionals with minimum 2-3 years of clinical experience.
Understand patient case history with the doctor and family before on-boarding.
Treatments adhering to doctor's prescriptions further backed by a Clinical Evaluation team.
Healthcare Specialists and Nurses undergo rigorous training for personalized patient care.
Electronic Home Visit Reports through tablet apps for accurate and timely analysis.

Efficient through technology

Tablet app for data collection during patient visit with real-time reports to doctors.
Automated updates sent to patient's family.
Simulation based training for nurses and specialists.
GPS tracking for timely arrival and employee safety.

Why provide healthcare at home

Trusted by patients and doctors

Before we reached home from the hospital, the HealthCare at Home team had already set everything up at our home. From the very first day the team took such good care of my mother that we were satisfied from the beginning that we could take care of our mother at home.
Ms. Karanjeet Kaur
Daughter of Late Gurbachan Kaur

When I referred my first patient to HealthCare at Home, the post-operative care provided was fantastic. I have referred more patients to them and I am extremely happy with the kind of services being provided by HCAH.

Dr. Randeep Wadhawan
Director, Minimal Access Surgery, Fortis Healthcare
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