Why Health Care at home is important today?

Why Health Care at home is important today?

Importance of Home Healthcare services

Health care is an important sector today. Affordability and accessibility to right treatment is the most searched term today. A quick research on the internet giant, Google tells us that India’s healthcare sector is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 16 per cent.

There are still some gaps in ensuring quality home health-care services for people at affordable rates. HealthCare atHome, a venture that brings you healthcare at home, bridges the gap in the healthcare sector with its clear vision to cater the quality treatment to its patrons.

Keeping in mind the accessibility, affordability and quality, HealthCare atHome was started by Vivek Srivastava. A quick chat with him tells us why it is important for healthcare to be made affordable!

Vivek Srivastava, Co-founder and CEO of HealthCare atHome says, ‘It is always good to have more options made available to the public. But we must maintain quality and good standards.’

“Currently, the country is riddled with little infrastructure for the humongous population we hold. Diseases like cancer and their treatment mean a longer stay at the hospital which means expensive treatments. ‘The whole idea is to make the treatments available and affordable for everyone. We make sure that we create an atmosphere so that the patients are at ease while the family knows that the treatment is happening well too,”  added Vivek.

Read the story on The HealthSite.


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