In life there is so much to be grateful for, then why worry about diabetes?

My name is Vandana Sethi, I am 53 years old woman.  I live in New Delhi with my husband and two lovely sons. Let me tell you that I am a fun loving person who loves to read books on fiction, cooking and spirituality. I have a family history of diabetes. I lost my mother due to complications from type 2 diabetes. She actually had a heart attack; at that time her blood sugars were extremely high.

My experience with diabetes

When I got diagnosed with diabetes 10 years ago, I got very scared. My life came to a standstill and I thought that now I won’t be able to live a normal life.

It was my husband who supported me in this difficult phase of life. We had times, when I use to cry and he just made me smile with his silly jokes. He always tells me that life is too big to play small. We consulted our homeopathic doctor for treatment. She advised me to get some laboratory investigations done such as complete blood count, blood cholesterol, thyroid, blood sugar fasting, PP and HbA1C done.  All my reports came normal except my blood sugars. My fasting blood sugar was 160mg/dL , PP was 280 mg/dL and HbA1C was 7%.

I had a lot of questions in my mind and when I consulted my doctor, I asked her why I had diabetes at this age? Will it get reversed? She listened to me patiently and told me that I had a familial history of diabetes and this was the prime reason I was affected so early.  However, my doctor reassured me that with a conscious diet, optimum exercise and right medicines the blood sugars can be brought within normal limits and leading a normal life was possible.

She made a diet chart for me, keeping in mind my food preferences. She even helped me in understanding the importance of glycaemic index, portion control and calorie check. She prescribed few medicines based on my present symptoms. Within few weeks, my blood sugar fasting came down to 110 mg/dL and PP to 180 mg/dL. At this time my biggest challenge was to overcome was my craving for sweets. I was so fond of sweets that whenever I felt hungry, I used to have one. But I strongly believe that unless you make up your mind to achieve a goal, you cannot resist these daily cravings.

Yoga is my way of life

Since then my sugars have always been fine, but I wanted to make sure that my life gets healthy again. So, I joined yoga classes in my neighborhood which is not just an exercise routine but it has become my life practice. Yoga has helped me sweat it out and maintain my figure whereas meditation keeps me connected to the inner self. 1 hour of daily routine keeps me happy all day.

Food for thought

For a person like me, following a strict diet was a very difficult task. But when you have a supportive husband and a lovely family who are there at your every step, your life becomes so easy. I am very strict with my diet, whenever I feel like having a favorite food I have it, but the very next day I get serious about my diet again. I keep in mind about the portion size of my food and try to have a balanced diet always. I am very particular about my blood sugar check which I do every 3 days and record the readings, this helps me understand the blood glucose pattern.

My message to the people living with diabetes

Don’t take life too seriously, always remember to be happy. In life there is so much to be grateful for, then why worry about diabetes?

Believe me, you are stronger than you think you are.

Happiness always,



  1. It’s very good information. My suggestion is type 2 diabetic, don’t worry about it, if u change your life style, it’s under control. Walking daily minimum one hour, don’t eat food like rice, wheat, sugar. These foods have no fibre, if there is no fibre it releases glucose immediately, that’s bad. U may eat food rich in fibre, it releases glucose slowly. What food do we eat? Wonderful grains in our country, those are millets (foxtail millet, kodo millet, brown top millet, barnyard millet) those grains have 8% to 12% fibre.


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