“My grandma is 83 years old and she is really cool. I love her very much and she loves me right back. But the part I love best is when I climb into her bed and she tells me stories. Sometimes she tells me funny stories and at times she talk about her childhood. She laughs with me and at that time she’s like a kid herself. Like a friend from school. But as soon as the clock strikes nine she becomes grandma again. Like how the chariot turns into a pumpkin in Cinderella. Then I have to kiss her goodnight and leave the room. I don’t want to.”

This scene transpires in Mrs Bhattacharya’s cosy little room where she’s regaling her granddaughter Shruti with stories. The clock has just chimed nine. All this while Sister Jyoti had been unobtrusively reading in a corner. Now she intervenes. She makes Shruti kiss her grandma and then leads her out of the room. Sister Jyoti locks the door and gets to work. She helps change Mrs Bhattacharya’s diaper, gives her a massage, administers the nightly medicinal dose and gently tucks her in. The two women chat for a while, till Mrs Bhattacharya slips into the realm of dreams. She falls asleep a content woman, looking forward to sunrise.

Driving a paradigm shift in the healthcare sector

It wasn’t always so hunky dory. Incontinence and other old age ailments had almost pushed Mrs Bhattacharya down the dark abyss of solitude. Then one day, her sons decided to employ home-nursing services. This changed Mrs Bhattacharya’s life. HealthCare atHOME has changed many lives. It doesn’t discriminate between ailments or age groups. It’s available to one and all. It is scaling exponentially and transforming the healthcare ecosystem.

Between the hammer and the anvil

Google stats attest to the significance of healthcare at home. A quick search will show you that India’s healthcare sector is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 16%. Despite this, there is a discrepancy in providing quality home healthcare services at an affordable price.

HealthCare atHOME steps in

HealthCare atHOME is a venture that brings quality healthcare treatment into your home. It was started by Vivek Srivastava, Co-founder and CEO of HealthCare atHOME. HealthCare atHOME has a holistic approach towards home healthcare and bridges the gap between quality treatment and affordability. Accessibility, quality and affordability are the three cornerstones of HealthCare atHOME.

Quote unquote

Vivek Srivastava says “It is always good to have more options made available to the public. But we must maintain quality and good standards.” He adds “Currently, the country is riddled with little infrastructure for the humongous population we hold. Diseases like cancer and their treatment mean a longer stay at the hospital which means expensive treatments. The whole idea is to make the treatments available and affordable for everyone. We make sure that we create an atmosphere so that the patients are at ease while the family knows that the treatment is happening well too”.

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