A stroke occurs when an artery or vein carrying blood to the brain ruptures (either blocked by a clot or bursts). Nowadays, we are seeing the rising numbers of stroke cases. Ever wondered why it is happening to many among the urban population, while also becoming a leading cause of death? It is because Indians tend to have high rates of diabetes and high blood pressure. These conditions contribute to the chances of stroke. Even a minor stroke has the capacity to cause a long term disability. Stroke survivors commonly are left with permanent damage that affects other body systems. For example, many survivors experience vision and hearing problems. Stroke treatment at home can help such patients recover at the comfort of their homes.

Generally, stroke leads to weakness or complete paralysis of one side of the body leading to inability to use limbs for activities of daily living and poor control and balance during the activities.

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Stroke is a life changing event because it damages the brain, resulting in physical, mental and emotional disability namely –

  • paralysis or problems controlling movement
  • sensory disturbances including pain
  • problems using or understanding language
  • problems with thinking and memory, emotional disturbances

But such disabilities can be reduced or stopped by initiating speedy treatment, especially when you are not required to be isolated in the hospital. Stroke treatment at home is the answer to that in which a specialised clinical team of physiotherapists, speech therapists and nursing attendants are there for assistance monitoring you throughout the day.

How Stroke treatment at home services make a difference?

  • Bladder and bowel control: Stroke can cause bladder and bowel difficulties. That leads to frequent urination, or a loss of bladder control. A specialist will assist you with correcting and regulating bowel movements.
  • Rehabilitation nursing for assistance in mobility
  • Round the clock companionship
  • Treating coordination and balance problems
  • Assistance in daily living and routine activities
  • Physiotherapy to restore physical functioning
  • Regain communication and with speech therapy

HCAH Stroke Care Package is an ideal way  to support a loved one who has suffered from a stroke. The package aims to deal with harsh setback often felt by a stroke survivor as well as family caregivers due to immense, 360 degree changes post the stroke.

Why is stroke treatment at home better?

Our stroke care team involves family caregivers and customizes the package as per the needs and requirement of the stroke survivor since no one plan fits all. The objective is to provide stroke survivors and their families opportunity to genuinely enjoy and spend quality time together while helping them live with dignity and independence.

Bouncing back from a stroke can be a lengthy process that requires patience, hard work and commitment, but our team at HealthCare atHOME is there by your side holding your hand and walking you through the road to recovery.

To avail home based stroke rehabilitation services, please contact us at 1800-102-4224.


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