For cancer patients, chemotherapy is usually the most frustrating process. It takes away everything that you know about yourself, everything that you love about yourself.

It leaves you with a bald head, pale skin, a cold shivering body and a shattered spirit. But when things can’t get any worse, they actually start to get better. It is very important to remember to never give up on your fight with cancer, everything else can be managed.

Chemotherapy side effects are a struggle but it is a struggle you can get through with the right care and information.

Chemotherapy Side Effects – How to manage them?

There are some steps which can help you minimize the severity of these side effects. Getting through these side effects need more than just ways to help them but also need hope, optimism and a positive outlook.

With all of these things, you automatically get the energy to fight cancer and have a better chance at winning. Here is a list of the side-effects and ways to help yourself or your loved ones get through them.

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Additional chemotherapy side effects to watch out for

Apart from these side effects, there are digestive, sexual and excretory problems. Many cancer patients turn to massages and meditation to be able to cope up with side effects and many go for counselling. 

It is always better to keep your family and friends close and let them help you lift your spirits. Spend all your time being relaxed and remember that you are not alone in your fight.

Talk to other cancer patients and survivors as they are also going or have gone through the same struggle as you. Cancer is a fight but it is a fight you want to win!

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