Independence is considered one of the most important attributes a person can possess and you should do all you can within your power to encourage independence for an elderly person in your care.

Once a person loses their independence, they often lose the will to live. Promotion of independence means encouraging the person in your care to do as much as they can for themselves.

An expert nurse at home makes sure to encourage independence in seniors and to provide the opportunity for them to maintain a better quality of life for themselves. By aiding and helping the elderly patients participate in activities, the nurse overtly expresses his/her care, and this affects the improvement of their health positively.

In fact, research indicates that keeping seniors physically, mentally, socially and emotionally engaged can help them retain better mental function, stay healthier and live independently longer.

While some of the long-term care facilities have proven to be extremely helpful, there is nothing like home! In today’s world, where nursing care at home is available so easily, there is no reason to deprive your parents of the comfort they get at home.

Old age is tricky and there are quite a few obstacles that are faced during this time, however, constant support and love from the family are very helpful during this tough time.

People in their old age like to be at home surrounded by familiar things and people in their comfort zone. If you are worried about not having enough time or resources to give them the care that they deserve, there are a lot of great home care nursing services at your disposal.

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They provide certified home care nursing which is personalised to suit the specific needs of your loved ones.

If you are trying to make a decision for your elderly parent’s wellbeing, below are some points to consider how a home nursing care harnesses different kinds of functions to rehabilitate elderly people and encourage a sense of independence in them:

  • Supportive functions include assisting the elderly with psychosocial and emotional well-being by helping them with the transition and life review, bettering their lifestyle and relationships with family members and other people in their society. Nursing care at home also aid the elderly people in gauging their cultural sensitivity and thereby facilitating self-expression in them.
  • Restorative functions emphasise increasing independence by avoiding any further deterioration of the status quo of ailing elderly patients. This is materialised by rehabilitating older person’s potential for carrying out certain tasks with utmost independence. This process is preceded by an overall assessment of the patient’s skills to undertake certain activities of daily living.
  • Educative functions involve the professional caregiver imparting knowledge about self-care to the elderly patients and the concerned family members involved in their care process. This includes information about medication and health-related care methods. At times, there can be a collaborative schooling from various disciplines of medicine like physiotherapy, cardiac care, pulmonology etc. They will together impart the necessary information to promote independence for health condition and treatment as much as is possible with the patients themselves.
  • Life-enhancing functions include all activities for bettering living experience of the elderly patients by the use of therapy for relieving pain and guaranteeing the adequacy of their diet and nutrition. This phenomenally helps in improving the quality of their lives and results in better independence in them.
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There are many other benefits to choosing nursing care at home for aging parents versus other care facilities. Having home nurse for the elderly is a care system with lesser restrictions and personalized treatment in a familiar environment.

Being in such an environment, neither the patient nor the caregivers have to worry about the hassles of rules and regulations of any medical facility. This helps the body and mind to heal properly and quickly thus hastening the process of recovery. This also has a significant cost-efficiency factor tagged to it.

Seniors may need your help, but doing everything for them is also not a good solution, nor does it cultivate a better quality of life. Instead, the professional nursing caregivers opt for a technique known as interactive caregiving.

It involves caring for seniors by considering a holistic approach that is, physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. This is put into practice by keeping the elderly happy and engaged and nurtures healthy, independent living within their own homes.

The true art of caregiving for the elderly extends beyond task-oriented responsibilities and includes engaging in activities that help maintain a healthy spirit and body.

It is better to opt for a professional nursing care that would bring the best of care to your home where your loved ones can recover and sustain a healthier life for long, while you can be around them always.


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