Understanding cancer and chemotherapy

The risk of developing cancer increases dramatically as one ages. After the cancer diagnosis, different treatment options are available, but one of the most popular treatments is chemotherapy. For those who are new or not familiar, it is a treatment for destroying cancer-causing cells in a human body.

It is a mainstay cancer treatment involving mixing of drugs and administering them orally or into a vein. This treatment is instrumental in treating cancer in different parts of the body.

Opting for chemotherapy at home

One of the main reasons for opting Chemotherapy at Home is to avoid the fear of travelling to a medical facility for treatment. HealthCare atHome (HCAH) works tirelessly to bring one of the most popular cancer treatment procedures to your doorstep.
Leveraging from the advancements in medical technology, HCAH makes use of every available resource to customize the treatment and offer it to the demanding patient. HCAH does this because it believes in “Having the treatment at home makes one feel much more relaxed about the illness”.

The Procedure

HCAH allocates experienced nurses after consulting with the oncologist. These nurses administer treatment dosages and remain with the patient throughout the duration of the treatment. The treatment can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 10 hours. The treatment is usually administered using portable infusion pumps or pills/tablets.

The portable infusion pump consists of a pouch with the delivery tube, which holds the drugs. This is pumped into the body by attaching the other end of the tube to a vein. The process generally takes 2 hours to complete without any complications.

First, the tube is flushed to see if everything works fine. Then a vitamin solution is pumped into the body using the tube. Finally, the chemotherapy drug goes in.

There is nothing to worry about administering chemotherapy at home because the specially trained nurse can cope up with any problems or anxieties that may arise during the procedure. If at all anything really goes wrong, doctors on call are available for consultation round the clock.

Care Measures

  • Chemotherapy must be carried out in a clean if not sterile environment. Since there is a high chance of infection with the patient’s low immunity levels, additional care helps avoid unforeseen health deterioration.
  • During administration, it is possible for cancer drugs to unintentionally come into contact with caregivers. Therefore, ample care is necessary by using protective gloves and clothes. The patient’s clothes and linen must have separate washing arrangements.
  • When chemotherapy drug is administered it will be present in body fluids for a duration of 48-72 hours. Hence, the patient must take care to use the washroom at home responsibly and have the area cleaned regularly, with protection.
  • If the drug spills on the skin there is a high chance of occurrence of irritation or rashes. Wash the area quickly with soap and water.
  • All treatment-related cartridges, pouches, tubes etc that contain chemotherapy drugs are disposed of in the disposal box supplied by HCAH.

Debunking myths

Myth: Undergoing chemotherapy means one can’t live at their home and carry out usual activities

Truth: People with cancer are getting chemotherapy while staying in their homes.

Fact: HCAH makes sure that one can be with their family and friends and perhaps even resume work.

Myth: Chemotherapy at home kills more than it cures

Truth: Chemotherapy at home is not easy on the patient’s life. Be it treatment at home or at any medical facility, there are many side-effects that come along with it. In short, treatments that kill cancer cells will inevitably affect healthy cells too.

Fact: There are blogs online to prove that chemotherapy, be it at home or in a medical facility, doesn’t kill any human being.

(Source –sciencebasedmedicine.org)

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