An alternate approach to medicines and chemicals, physiotherapy as the name suggests is the science of relieving pain and ensuring reintegration through mechanical movements and forces.

It not only reduces physical discomfort but also improves flexibility and body functions. It is recommended for post-surgery patients, people suffering from arthritis, joint and muscle pain, athletes with injuries and for women who have reduced bone density.

Physiotherapy is also a very potent measure for the old and the infirm as it helps them to deal with stiffness in muscles and body aches. Here is a comprehensive list of reasons as to why one should opt for physiotherapy treatment.

  • A pain-free solution- Physiotherapy is a drug-free treatment and helps in reducing pain in the muscles and joints. Moreover, it does not have any side effect unlike other treatments like surgery or pain relief medicines. If practised on a regular basis under a physiotherapist’s guidance, it can achieve wonders. Today, it has become even more convenient for people as they can get physiotherapy treatment at home.
  • Shorter recovery period- Physiotherapists are well-trained professionals who provide specialized treatment which improves agility and restores movement in a short span of time. Without physiotherapy, a ligament tear, sprain, twisted ankle or fracture can take a long time to heal and sometimes may become incurable.
  • Say no to surgery- In a lot of cases, surgeries can be avoided with the help of physiotherapy. Not only this, the recovery period can be drastically reduced. A person can also save on hefty healthcare costs by eliminating a surgery.
  • Customized therapy- Physiotherapy is very helpful for sports-persons. Since physiotherapists study human movements, they can customize exercises to suit the athletes and the injury sustained. They can also design exercises for the patients suffering from neurological disorders and for the old who are unable to move without assistance.
  • A cheaper solution- Physiotherapy is a less expensive alternative to surgery and is also a preventive measure. It will not only help to restore body movements but a regular routine can also thwart reoccurrences. In short, the overall health is improved with much less investment.

Nowadays physiotherapy can also be availed in the comfort of your home. One can book an appointment with the physical therapist and get treated without having to step out.

This hassle-free solution of physiotherapy at home is particularly attractive for the aged who find it difficult to traverse long distances. It reduces dependence and ensures proper treatment and faster recovery.

As a result, now with home physiotherapy, one can get treated in the same way as they would in a clinic.

At HealthCare at home, licensed and trained physiotherapists provide the best possible treatment with individualized plans catering to the needs of the patient. You can get more details on home physiotherapy by calling on our toll-free number 1800-102-4224.

If you want a FREE telephonic consultation from our expert team of physiotherapists, contact our Physiotherapy Helpline on 0120-6783277.


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