Are you weather sensitive? Do your joint pains become more acute when the weather fluctuates? Blame it on the barometric pressure, which drops in colder weather and increases your pain.

But fret not!

You can easily combat these aches and pain with physiotherapy.

How physiotherapy helps in alleviating joint pains?

By determining the accurate cause of the joint pain, and then treating that pain with effective therapies, physiotherapy helps in preventing and reducing the further degeneration of painful joints.

Depending on the pain, physiotherapists may involve following techniques in your rehabilitation:

  • Manual therapyJoint mobilization and soft tissue mobilization may be used to relieve you from joint restriction and muscle tension.
  • Strengthening exercise With the help of static and dynamic activities, the therapist helps you in combating the pain. In static activities, you are required to kneel, stand and sit to maintain balance. Dynamic activities require you to lift weights, run and walk.
  • StretchingA physiotherapist helps you improve your weakened joints with active and passive stretches. Inactive stretches, you are required to move your limbs without any assistance, and in passive stretches, your physiotherapist moves the limb for you.

In case of osteoarthritis, the therapist can make other additional techniques a part of your healing program; these techniques may include hydrotherapy, aerobic exercise and tai chi.

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Who is at more risk of weather-based joint pains?

joint pains

Other natural tips to beat joint pains

  • Incorporate exercise into your daily routine; simple activities like taking stairs, cycling, dancing etc. can work wonders for your joint.
  • Keep yourself hydrated as lack of water intake can also cause joint pains.
  • Don’t ignore the minor injuries and treat your muscles & joints until they completely heal.
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You surely can’t do anything about the weather, but you certainly can work towards healthier joints!

Don’t let your joint pains fester for too long! If you feel you have achy joints, consult a physiotherapist and start the treatment time, to prevent degeneration of the joint.

For home physiotherapy services, you may reach out to us at 1800-102-4224.

Also, get a FREE telephonic consultation at our Physiotherapy Helpline 0120-6783277, from our expert team of physiotherapists.



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