Many of us spend large amounts of time in our cars. And any posture can lead to discomfort or back pain if held too long. So, it’s vital to adopt a good driving posture and to have frequent rest breaks. That would leave seeking lumbar pain treatment only as a last resort.

Common problems are caused by not adjusting your seat correctly, pushing your head forward, and stretching too far.

Here are some tips on car posture to help you stay fit behind the wheel

  • If you’re driving for longer than 20 minutes, adjust your seat to a comfortable level. This will decrease the constant load on your spine. 
  • Adjust the back of the seat. It should be such that it provides support along the whole length of your spine upto shoulder level.
  • Do not recline the seat too much as this will have an adverse effect on your neck, causing it to bend forward excessively.
  • Adjust the lumbar support of the back rest so that it is in the small of your back and that it fits correctly, i.e. not overarching your back or leaving any gaps.
  • Adjust the steering wheel height so that you can comfortably see the display panel in front of you.
  • Check to see that you are not too far or too close to the wheel. A rough guide is to be able to rest your wrists on top of the steering wheel without stretching.
  • Adjust your mirrors to suit your view, rather than twisting and turning your back or neck.
  • Try to drive with both hands on the wheel, not only is this safer but it will minimize the likelihood of spine rotation.

lower back pain

Some general pointers to serve as lumbar pain treatment

  • Take frequent breaks as this will prevent a bad posture from becoming painful.
  • Staying active is the key to managing back pain. As you drive, try to incorporate some type of movements and shift every 15 minutes or so to keep your body awake and active. Even a slight movement can release some of the tension that’s built up.
  • Roll your shoulders backwards and forwards.
  • Shift your neck from side to side.
  • Rotate your pelvis backwards and forwards.

strengthen core to beat back pain

Many problems can contribute to back problems so think about your lifestyle away from the car. In case of chronic back pain which refuses to go away, it is advisable to start physiotherapy. Physiotherapy services at HealthCare atHOME consist of standardized exercise regime coordinated in consultation with your doctor to cater to the nagging back pain. Since back pain can really hamper your daily routine, undergoing physiotherapy can be challenging if availed through an external service provider. Regardless of whether you are driving or sitting in a car, exposure to jerks on the road can cause damage to the already swollen tissues of the sensitive muscles.

In such a scenario, home based physiotherapy for back pain serves as the perfect solution. With the help of Health Care at HOME’s trained physiotherapists, you can relax at the comfort of your home as low back pain management becomes a breeze.

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