Suffering from excruciating back pain? Do yourself a favour and engage with remedial measures that focus on relieving pressure, reducing strain, protecting your spine and strengthening your muscles.

So there are several ways to go from here, keep reading to see how you can get ‘back up!’

The Physiotherapist has got your back!

The goal of physiotherapy is to help you maintain a healthy, pain-free back for a long time.
A physiotherapist will not only help you decrease your back pain but also ensure that its functionality – strength and flexibility – increases.

There are a variety of treatments that a physiotherapist may engage you with, depending on the modality of physiotherapy required.

Passive modes of physiotherapy include soothing the pain with heat application, ice packs and electrical stimulation. For instance, right before you do your stretches and exercises as advised by your physiotherapist, you may apply the heating pad to warm up your muscles. You may then use an ice pack afterwards to soothe the muscles and soft tissues.

The mode which prescribes specific exercise and stretching routines fall under Active physiotherapy. This includes stretching, dynamic stabilization exercises and core strengthening exercises.

Alternatively, home physiotherapy could be your way to an even faster recovery with personalized care at home. Its benefits are many and mainly include quicker and more effective results, personalized patient care along with doctor supervision. To top it off, home physiotherapy is, even more, cost effective!

Time Crunch? Here Are Some Self-Care Steps to Find Relief!

Nothing can be worse than a back pain when you have got to get ready for a crucial appointment or pick your children up from football practice.

If you have struggled with back pain earlier then you know it is not something that can be simply ignored until it goes away. So tune in for some expert-endorsed quick-and-easy home remedies to find relief!

Consulting a physiotherapist or getting physiotherapy at home is a viable option to help you deal with chronic back pain. We strongly recommend home physiotherapy as the best assurance for a healthy, pain-free back for the longest time possible.

To avail expert physiotherapy services in the comfort of your home, contact us at 1800-102-4224.

Also, get a FREE telephonic consultation at our Physiotherapy Helpline 0120-6783277, from our expert team of physiotherapists.


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