Life threatening diseases take a toll not only on the patients but also on the family. It is an emotional and exhausting time gentle care and love play a huge role. Palliative care is a specialized care recommended for patients who are suffering from incurable health conditions like AIDS, last stage cancer etc. Palliative care usually includes the following:

  • Basic medical and hospice care
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Counselling sessions
  • 24×7 nursing care

People see death as a taboo in our society and people refrain from discussing it. The stigma surrounding this arena hinders palliative care from social acceptance. The refusal to accept the impending doom leads to a prolonged period of misery for the patient who has to endure the cold and unfriendly environment of the hospital. Patients at such a critical stage usually want to be near to their family members. However good the service may be at the hospital, patients wish to spend their final days with near and dear ones. The love and warmth of friends and family gives them the strength and courage to deal with the situation.

Bringing Palliative Care to the Healthcare system

Typically, palliative care is provided at home and a family member acts as the primary caregiver, supervised by professional medical staff. Advanced medical technology and services has made it possible for patients to get the same care at home that they would have gotten in palliative care centres.

The palliative care team develops a care plan tailored to a patient’s individual need. It includes the patient’s physician, a palliative care doctor, a case manager, registered nurses, a dietician and other medical professionals. Nursing care at home is an important part of palliative care where nursing attendants are trained in many services like:

  • Tracheostomy ventilation
  • Taking blood tests
  • Recording blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen level
  • Clearing mucus from the chest using a suction
  • Bathing and other personal care services

They are specialists who are extremely qualified and can provide the care and protection that terminally ill patients need at the time. There are provisions to set up an intensive care unit at home as well.

Not just for the patients, palliative care also caters to the family members and gives them counselling sessions to help them overcome their grief and sorrow.

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