Receiving a diabetes diagnosis indeed can stir up some difficult feelings in the patient. But it must be comfortable to know that your world would not end there. Some people deny their illness or are enraged. Others even undergo depression, feel tremendous guilt and shame, or are afraid of their future. But many diabetic patients also lead a normal life by sticking to timely medications, regular monitoring of their blood glucose at home and making doable changes to their lifestyle.

Healthy Ways to Deal with a New Diabetes Diagnosis

Though, it may take as long as a year to come to terms with diabetes, prefer not to let negative feelings take your good health captive. To start with, below are some strategies to prepare your mind for the journey post a diagnosis:

Educate Yourself

  • The more you learn, the more empowered you are to take better care of yourself and understanding your body. This leads in effective management of diabetes and its treatment.

Open Up to Family and Friends

  • It is a healthy practice to involve your family and friends in your diabetes care. Pour your heart out to them and share how you are feeling. Let them know that you are not angry without any reason but you have a lot of frustration dammed up inside you. Give them articles to read on diabetes. Getting loved ones involved will not only educate them about your condition but will keep you from feeling secluded.

Assemble a Solid Health-Care Team

  •  Find for yourself a reliable team including a doctor, dietitian, pharmacist, diabetes educator, and others who would always encourage, educate and empower you to battle diabetes on a daily basis.
Set Realistic Goals
  • Unattainable objectives would have you end up in a soup. While working towards a healthier lifestyle, do the best you can and accept getting a ten out of ten every time is not your agenda.

Focus on the Positive 

  • Do away with overthinking on the prospect of developing complications in the future. Rather, consider the new healthy habits you have picked up on your way that is helping you lose weight, boosting your confidence and keeping you from developing complications.
Get Involved
  • It is noble and healthy to volunteer for a diabetes-related event. Post your diagnosis, being around people who have diabetes will help you share your feelings, plus you may pick up tips. This will be therapeutic in the sense that you can avoid drowning yourself in self-pity.

If negative emotions adamantly linger for more than a year or impacts your overall function, you may consult a psychologist for further assistance with overcoming emotional roadblocks and adhering to the treatment.

The truth is Diabetes could be controlled and it is important to learn survival skills to re-establish a sense of control. The mantra is adequate education and information about your exact condition. Try to learn as much about diabetes as possible and do not hesitate to rally support from your loved ones.  More the support you muster easier is your way to a healthier living.

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