It was around a year back when 37-year-old Naresh Mehta, a banker by profession, loving father and caring husband, had started feeling inordinately tired and also complained of abdominal pain. While Naresh was concerned about his condition, he was never anxious about it.

It was only upon consulting the doctor that he came to know he was suffering from Hepatitis B. Within a couple of days of meeting the doctor, Naresh started having other symptoms, including passing dark urine, fever, joint pain, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice). After further investigations, it turned out Naresh had been suffering from Hepatitis B for quite some time and it had caused serious damage to his liver.

“Strangely, we never came to know that he was suffering from something as dreadful as Hepatitis B. Though, he had started looking tired and had become a little irritable, we thought it was because of work pressure. Initially, the news came to us as a shock but soon it turned into tension and worry for the entire family,” says Naresh’s wife.

Naresh’s medication started immediately. But since he was suffering from chronic Hepatitis B, his condition deteriorated rapidly. The disease progressed into liver cirrhosis and he had to be admitted to the hospital ICU. It is worth noting that chronic Hepatitis B infection (that lasts for six months or more) can lead to serious cirrhosis, as it happened in the case of Naresh.

“The memory of those days still haunts me. My disease had thrown our lives topsy-turvy. Leaving behind two small children with my ailing mother, my wife – a working professional – had to stay with me in hospital. At home my children and mother were also highly distressed,”
remembers Naresh.

Smiling contentedly Naresh’s wife says, “Willy-nilly we would have continued with the physical and emotional ordeal, but thankfully our doctor suggested us HealthCare atHome. While the idea sounded quite unusual, but more the doctor explained about the concept, the more it made sense to us.”

With the doctor’s approval, the team of HealthCare atHome established an ICU set-up at Naresh’s home and shifted him there. The ICU care for Naresh basically included, 24 hour health care assistant supervised by specialist ICU nurse, consulting doctor to supervise and monitor developments through advanced IT solutions and critical care nutrition consultation.

A comprehensive healthCare assessment plan was drawn with inputs from nurse, physiotherapist and nutritionist. To ensure proper drug delivery, IV drug administration system ideal for an ICU was set up for the patient. The ICU specialist nurse visited once a day for IV administration while keeping a close watch on his parameters.

With protocol-driven care, delivered by a team of experts, and peace of mind for all, things started falling into place for the Mehtas.

“The satisfaction that my husband is well taken care of in my absence is beyond words to explain. HealthCare atHome not just took over my woes, and guilt of not being able to give my 100% to my family, but gave me peace of mind to continue with my job, which owing to increased expenses, had become crucial for us,” says Naresh’s wife.

With expert and protocol-led care, under the constant supervision of the treating doctor, Naresh’s condition stabilised. However, to cure him completely a liver transplant surgery was suggested. HealthCare atHome again proved to be of great help to the doctors, Naresh and his family.

The highly trained team of HealthCare atHome ensured his smooth transfer from home to hospital, for surgery, and then back home. After surgery, Naresh got hospital-like care at home which not just ensured quicker recovery but also comfort and affordability for him and his family. The post surgical plan included frequent wound dressing and injection of medications with strict adherence to hygiene standards. The clinical evaluation team kept a close eye on the recovery progress of Mr. Naresh. The treating doctor was given real time updates about the patient’s condition along with proper maintenance of home visit records.

Today, after a year, life is back on track for the family. They only need to keep a regular tab on Naresh’s biochemical parameters, for which they prefer to take help from HealthCare atHome.

“Whenever I think of any medical help for Naresh, HealthCare atHome is the first thing that pops up in my head. They literally took over all my worries and tensions, and gave me a complete sense of satisfaction, not just as a consumer but as a wife, mother and professional,” says Naresh’s wife gratifyingly.


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