If you have a desk job, you certainly spend the maximum time at your desk than anything else in your life.  And sitting for long hours with a not-so-correct posture can take a heavy toll on your health, most often resulting in back pain.

This might begin as an odd twinge, but, it can become an everyday affair too.  Therefore, it’s very important to take care of your back, as most cases of back pain are minor and can easily be cured without visiting a doctor.

Here we bring you a 9 to 5 guide to a pain-free back!

Improve posture – Properly set your desktop/laptop

If you work on a laptop, you are spending half of your day slouching over your device without even realizing. Even if you work with a personal computer, it’s possible that the screen isn’t sufficiently high, and you have to tilt your head down to work on it.

What you need to do is set the desktop/laptop in a way that you can look straight at the screen, without adjusting your neck to see it. Give your system some base or you can put some books below your system to increase the height.

Make sure your screen is at the right height, as this would help you sit tall rather than slouching, and ultimately, would make your back feel great, even after sitting for extended period of time!

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Show your back some love

Sitting for prolonged hours can damage your back in ways you can’t even imagine! Therefore, it is wise to carry a back cushion for some extra spine support. You can place this cushion between your lower back and the chair to maintain a neutral posture as you sit. 

This is certainly one of the very effective back ache cures!

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Take breaks from work and from back pain

Don’t keep sitting for long hours at your seat; give your back a favour by standing after every 20 minutes. For basic tasks like checking mails and making calls, you can easily prefer standing rather than being hooked to your chair. In fact, short breaks are considered more beneficial for back pain, than a few long breaks. You can also do quick stretches and walk around for 2 minutes, to give your body a little rest.  You can also go out for some fresh air or grab a drink when you are on these short breaks!

This would help curing your back pain by making your muscles feel relaxed time to time!

Adopt healthy choices

Start your day by exercising! You can go for a walk, or do some stretches at home, or even take go for swimming/cycling, as these activities help build your muscle strength around your back! Also, if you are overweight, it puts more pressure on the back. Therefore, keep yourself fit to prevent back problems.

Furthermore, if you are a smoker and have back problems, try to quit smoking as soon as possible! Smoking reduces the flow of oxygen to the spine and can result in the degeneration of the plates in the back. Hence, it is advisable to let go of smoking for back pain relief!

Incorporate these easy tips in your daily routine to fight your back pain! And if you experience this pain constantly, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor. An underlying issue could be the cause to your back pain!

Don’t let a job put your spine at risk! Take care!

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