Life has a way of throwing up challenges for us human beings and we are left grappling with it. The same had happened to Mr Mohan Suri* and his family.

He was living with his wife and daughter in Delhi and all was well with life, till one day, after a doctor’s visit and some checkups, he found out that he had bone cancer. Surgeries and treatments were to follow. But it was eventually compassion and patient care received at home that helped regain confidence in his life.

Normal life came to a halt.

He was immediately admitted to The Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre, under the supervision of Dr Khurani, a senior oncologist. There he went through his initial treatment.

Post discharge, he went back home to his family. But, Mr Suri wasn’t the same man. He was by then completely bedridden. He was fragile and extremely weak and would now need conscientious medical attention throughout the day and night.

His wife and his daughter, despite the best efforts, felt that they were not taking the best care of him and that Mr Suri needed more. He needed a more professional care. They were at their wit’s end, trying to figure out how to do the best for Mr Suri.

At this point in time, they got to know about HealthCare at home India, and our home care services. They found out that we also provide home services for oncology care, and immediately contacted us.

Patient care services at home gave Mr Suri a new life

HealthCare atHome’s leading nurse, Mr Chandan, first went to meet them at their house. Mrs Suri remembers him as being extremely efficient as well as caring.

Taking care of Mr Suri was more than just a job for the staff at HealthCare atHome. They really cared for the recovery and well-being of Mr Suri.

Mr Suri himself says that the staff of HealthCare atHOME looked after him like family. Once, the nurses started looking after Mr Suri, the family felt more relieved and at peace, now that Mr Suri was getting the care and medical attention that he needed and deserved.

Soon, the appointed staff nurse from HealthCare at home and Mr Suri would go for his medical review together. This was because of the high level of trust they had inculcated in the whole family.

The nurses not only took care of Mr Suri; they also offered support and counseling to the entire Suri family. Dr Khurani, Mr Suri’s Oncologist, testified that the patient and his family were very well taken care of during this difficult time. Each and every member of the HealthCare atHome team appointed to him was the embodiment of total care.

Once Mr Suri’s condition started improving and he started going back to work for a couple of hours a day, a HealthCare atHOME nurse would go with him and wait till his work is done to bring him back home.

They would never let Mr Suri alone for even a minute. Gradually, Mr Suri increased his work hours. His condition also became more and more stable.

Today he is living the life of a normal, healthy person. And the Suri family can never forget the role HealthCare atHOME India played in the recuperation and recovery of Mr Suri.

*Name has been changed.

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