HealthCare atHOME’s unique campaign to spread awareness about Alzheimer’s through Mumbai local

Every once in a while, a thought, a campaign, an idea takes an uncharted path to drive home an important message. It makes you stop and think! The stranger the channel, the harder it hits.

So give this your two cents. Mumbai local’s rush hour, everyone struggling for an extra inch of space to adjust their bags and behinds, all this while keeping an ear out for their station’s announcement because it’s impossible to see past the train’s doors and windows. Normally one would expect the announcer to say the name of the upcoming station. Instead, when the announcer speaks, she calls out the name of a station that doesn’t exist and then entirely forgets what she had to announce.

This is exactly what went on aboard the Western line of Mumbai Suburban Railway trains, from Aug 28 to Aug 31, 2017. Several commuters aboard these trains heard these announcements:

In English..


In Hindi..

The disruptive announcement was purposely done as part of HealthCare atHOME’s launch in Mumbai.

In India, more than 4* million people have some form of dementia and the most common form in which it manifests itself, is Alzheimer’s. Memory loss to the extent of interference in everyday life is one of the major symptoms of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. Since memory also gets affected as a natural consequence of aging, such diseases often go undiagnosed, but the degree of memory loss is starkly different in both cases. Also, Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease, which means symptoms get worse with time. This is why HCAH took the initiative of using the launch campaign to make more people aware about the kind of difficulties such patients have to endure everyday.

While the campaign was still on, a massive calamity hit Maximum City which is said to be the worst rainfall in the last twelve years. HCAH took to help the affected Mumbaikars and it was heartwarming to see how several of our employees displayed acts of heroism midst this disaster.

One of them is Ashraf Sheikh, whose selfless acts have made us all so proud.


To extend further support, we also set up a toll free number in Virar for providing home services such as wound dressing, IV injection administration and drug administration for those who had been affected by the torrential rains.

HealthCare atHOME has launched Physiotherapy, Nursing, ICU atHOME, Medicine Delivery and Lab Sample Collection services in Mumbai. We aim to bring premium healthcare services, to people’s homes and hope to see our efforts turn into resounding success. Here’s to good health!



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