Simple Neck Pain Remedies to Ease The Pain

Some of the most overworked bones in our body are in the neck. Did you know that it takes only seven bones, sitting on top of each other, to form the cervical spine?

Then there is your head, with a weight averaging 5.5 kgs, balances itself on this set of bones. Your neck carries this deadweight of your head every hour, month, and year of your life without respite. As a matter of fact, we don’t even think we have a neck until it begins to hurt.

Even slight deviation within the structure of the neck can result in nerve irritation. This appears as pain or takes the form of reduced mobility in the neck. This can become a real pain in the neck, in the blink of an eye.

It doesn’t stop there either. Pain in the neck often leads to shoulder pain, jaw pain or worse, turns into back pain. Creating great discomfort, soreness and stiffness, making it impossible even to lift or turn the head. Overnight, it begins to impact the quality of our lives.

But neck pain relief is easily accessible and available. And the best part, it doesn’t come from pain relievers. Read on to find out more.


Stress & Neck Pain

Neck pain is generally triggered by stress. There are three types of stress that affect our body: chemical stress, physical stress and emotional stress, and all the three can interfere with nerves and result in neck pain.

Chemical stress includes things you eat or inhale. Preservatives in food, medications, alcohol, smog and pollen in the air, are just a few chemical stressors that irritate the nervous system. Improper posture such as leaning over your computer keyboard or falling asleep in an awkward position can also create stress.

Physical stress results in muscle stiffness or loss of muscle tone, which can contribute to joint and disc problems in the neck, ultimately resulting in the nerve disturbances that cause neck pain and immobility.

Emotional stress is less tangible, but often a bigger problem. Stressing over finances, grief, anger or frustration results in tension in the body, particularly in any areas that are already overworked – like the neck. This tension amounts to tight muscles, which can irritate the nerves and produce pain in your neck.

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How Serious is It?

While most neck pain does not mean serious illness, there are still differing degrees of severity. Minor neck pain is the discomfort, soreness and stiffness you may wake up with when you sleep in a funny position.

Major neck pain can have the same symptoms, but it persist for days or weeks or occur frequently. If it lasts for several weeks or more, it is considered as chronic neck pain.

What can you do about it?

Most people don’t think too much about their neck pain or what’s causing it – they just reach for the pain relievers. They forget that medication cannot correct the deviations in the bony structures of the neck that interfere with nerve function. Which in fact, is the underlying cause of most neck pain.

The right course of action to take is to get to the root of the problem and correct it, rather than treat it superficially.

Heal Neck Pain Naturally…

Generally, all neck pain calls for is straightening and realigning of the bones of the neck and back. Reliving nerve pathways that have been pressed or pinched. And that’s exactly what physiotherapy aims to do. It is a 100% natural, medication-free, non-invasive approach to healing.

What will be even more surprising is when you understand that physiotherapy works alongside your body’s own healing abilities to bring about natural pain relief. It is also the most respected alternative approach to healing of neck pain around the globe.

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Do it safely, do it now

All you need to get started is make a call and schedule an appointment. You’ll be talking to a caring health care provider who is highly educated and well-versed in neck pain of all types.

Ask all the questions you like! Your doctor will be happy to answer them – after all, you have a right to know what’s happening in your own body. Thousands of satisfied patients have found lasting relief from their neck pain, whether minor, major or even chronic.

For a FREE tele-consultation, contact HCAH Physiotherapy helpline at 0120-6783277. You may also reach us at our toll free number 1800-102-4224.



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