Diabetes is often followed by a number of other risks and problems including those of the feet. Some of these problems include Athlete’s Hip, Calluses, Bunions, and Diabetic Foot. And so, it becomes all the more important to keep your feet clean and hygienic at all times.


Diabetic Foot is a condition wherein your feet lose any kind of sensation due to damage in the nerves. As a result, you cannot feel blisters or cuts on your feet. Since your feet are numb, there is no telling how many infections your feet are being exposed to. So much so that it may lead to gangrene and even amputation of the limb. Damage to the blood vessels could also limit the blood flow into your feet, taking it twice the time to heal than a non-diabetic person. So, it is imperative for you to take care of your feet to avoid Diabetic Foot.

Here are some tips to take care of your feet when you have Diabetes:

  1. Wash your feet daily: Use mild soap to wash your feet every day. Dry them up well. Tap your towel on your feet rather than rubbing it all over. Use lotion on your feet, but not between your toes.
  2. Get a good look: Examine your feet carefully and thoroughly. If you can’t get a good enough look, ask someone else to. This is to make sure that you have no cuts or blisters anywhere.
  3. Check for inflammation: Check for any kind of redness, increased warmth when touching any area on your feet. Also check for corns and calluses.
  4. Take care of your toenails: Cut your toenails regularly, after taking a bath, when they are soft.
  5. Exercise the right way: Be sure to wear comfortable shoes while exercising. Avoid exercise when you have open sores on your feet.
  6. Keep your feet protected: Avoid walking barefoot anywhere. Wear a pair of shoes or slippers at all times. Avoid wearing shoes that have very high heels or have open fronts since that can increase the risk of infections.

Health Care at Home offers its services for Diabetic Foot, at your doorstep. Get regular wound dressing to make sure you are safe from infections.

Maintaining a low blood sugar can help your wounds heal faster. Consult our Nutritionist to devise the best Diet plan for you.

These are the best ways of taking care of your feet when you have diabetes. Remember, it’s healthy feet all the way!


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