Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG) refers to home testing of blood glucose levels by diabetes patients. Tiny handheld devices called glucometers allow people to measure their blood sugar levels within minutes in ease and convenience wherever they are. Self-management is the cornerstone of overall diabetes care. Self-management, also called self-care, allows people the freedom to choose a lifestyle not dictated by diabetes. People who self-manage feel that they are more in control of their lives and often report a better quality of life.

People should learn to self-monitor their blood glucose levels, interpret the results and know how to respond to them. Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose (SMBG) gives a clearer picture of the current Blood Sugar Levels.

Why blood glucose tests are done:


  • To assist in decision making regarding daily activities and food choices.
  • To determine if high blood glucose (hyperglycemia) is present.
  • To determine if low blood glucose (low blood glucose) is present.
  • To indicate the effectiveness of current management.

Who should perform SMBG?


  • Type 1 diabetes patients
  • Type 2 diabetes patients on multiple daily doses of insulin
  • Pregnant diabetic patients on insulin
  • Patients on insulin pump therapy

Self-monitoring offers several advantages to the patient, but certain disadvantages and precautions need to be taken care of.

Real –time feedback Inconvenience and Discomfort
Can detect glycemic excursions and patterns Cost of Supplies
Enables informed patients to make changes in lifestyle and/or medications Requires training and Education of Patient about how to perform SMBG



  • Be educated about structured self-monitoring.
  • Know the relationship with your insulin dosages.
  • Understand what the results mean.
  • Do not reuse or share needles, syringes, or lancets.
  • Check the test strips and monitor. Get them calibrated and tested.

Education about SMBG is important because:



  • More the SMBG, better is the Glycemic Control
  • SMBG empowers the patient to manage his/her diet especially when on a Holiday
    Frequent SMBG helps in decreasing HbA1c Levels considerably along with effective Diabetes Education and Care Management Educations


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