Being a caregiver is definitely a one of a kind experience. As a trained nurse, I have worked in quite a few hospitals before switching to home care assistance and that has led to many unique and heartwarming experiences of my life.

I fondly remember the case of Mrs Gupta* who had recently shifted from Bhopal to Delhi to stay with her son. Being a patient of chronic arthritis, she resorted to a knee replacement surgery and post which, she spent a long time on the bed for recuperation.

knee replacement

Initially, she used to be very withdrawn and desolate, being bedridden for a couple of weeks in a new environment. She refused to take my help whenever I approached and would anger easily due to my presence. Soon after, her health started improving following regular check-ups and health assessments.

“We started to bond and she would smile upon seeing me arrive.” 

As I would carry along my iPad to monitor her health regularly, it would amaze her how with a click of a button I would be able to record and share her health statistics and updates with the doctor. Gradually, we started to bond and she would smile upon seeing me arrive. I also came to know that Mrs Gupta* was a trained Kathak dancer and being in this condition had put a stop to her hobby. With the introduction of physiotherapy, she became happier, more confident and I saw a sense of positivism renew in her eyes. She improved a lot under my care and slowly regained her previous active lifestyle.

nurse tablet

There are a number of psychological factors affecting the quality of health in seniors. Ageing comes with a variety of physical problems. To alleviate these challenges, it is often advisable to have at-home nurse/nursing care to help them with their ailments and day-to-day activities.

Senior citizens often experience feelings of loneliness and depression that have a severe negative impact on their health. Home based healthcare can play a major role in alleviating that, due to the close proximity of family, friends and caregivers.

As a nurse, I found these to be the primary benefits of home health care:

  • The patients receive care in the comfort of their home
  • Makes it easier for family and friends to visit
  • Promotes healing and provides more safety from infections
  • Allows more freedom and independence
  • Home-based care is more affordable than in-patient care
  • Care plans follow individual patient’s customization
  • It helps reduce re-hospitalizations

Mrs Gupta* has successfully recovered from the knee replacement surgery with HCAH’s home nursing services. Despite suffering from severe arthritis, she still manages to accompany her grandkids to the park to watch them play football.

kids playing

They say old age marks the onset of golden years of a person. With HCAH’s support, the journey of life becomes healthier and memorable right in the comfort of one’s home.

*(name changed to protect privacy)

To avail expert patient care services, reach out to us at 1800-424-4224.


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