Whether it’s your first child or third, a new-born always brings happiness and love to a family. However, the initial months of caring for a little one can be challenging. If you have just started  breastfeeding then there are a lot of questions that will cross your mind.

Here are answers to questions that you might have being new mothers:

Q. How soon can I start breastfeeding my baby?

A. You should usually start breastfeeding immediately after birth. A baby’s suckling tendency is the strongest in the initial first hour after birth so starting to breastfeed as soon as possible will give you a good start.

Q. How to prevent sore nipples?

A. In the first few days of breastfeeding, you might feel nipple soreness due to hormonal changes in your body but it’s only temporary. If it is painful to breastfeed, gently insert your clean little finger between your breast and your baby’ mouth to break the strong suckling force. If it persists, seek help from lactation counsellor to check whether your baby is positioned correctly.

Q. How can I increase my milk supply?

A. Breastfeeding is a demand and supply system so if you feel that your milk supply is low then you should feed your baby more often. Babies have ‘growth spurts’ and at these times it is important to feed them more often to stimulate milk production. Latching is very important for a good supply of milk because if the baby is not getting the milk out it’s difficult to make new milk and your milk is likely to dry up.

Q. How can I tell whether my baby is getting enough milk?

A. The most reliable sign to check is adequate weight gain. If your baby is gaining weight steadily, has many pale and wet nappies and producing several poos a day then you can be assured s/he is getting enough milk.

Q. When should I start feeding my baby solids?

A. Most kids don’t need solid food before 6 months as they receive all the nutrients from breast milk. However, if your baby shows signs that he’s ready to take in solid food such as grabbing your food then recommend your doctor if you can start it sooner

These are the common questions that all new mothers have. If there are more questions or there’s anything that concerns you, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.


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