Keeping diabetes under check requires one to ensure the right way of eating. But, often one forgets to do the same for all meals of the day. For simplifying this, follow the concept of food plate.

Food plate has been conceptualized for meal planning. A few pointers for the right meals include spreading carbohydrates (carbs) throughout the day, having high-fibre diet always pairing up with protein, along with a rainbow assortment of fruits and vegetables.

A few of its specific recommendation are as mentioned below:

  • Plenty of colorful low carb veggies: Roughly half of your plate should be from this category, as it helps prevent many of the complications of diabetes by promoting blood glucose control.
  • Have a portion of natural, unprocessed protein with every meal and snack. Proteins won’t raise blood sugar and often lessen or slow the impact of any carbs you consume with them.
  • Add a variety of beans, nuts, seeds, and low carb fruits
  • Eat small portions of whole grains and starchy veggies
  • Use healthy, minimally processed oils and fats. Use oils with a high smoke point for cooking and cold- or expeller-pressed and extra virgin for drizzling. Avoid butter and ghee.
  • Season food with herbs and spices
  • If you enjoy red wine, black or green tea, and dark chocolate, consume these in moderation

Just to summarize, please refer to the following chart:

Source: DLife Food and Nutrition

The constituents for above mentioned food groups are as follows:

Low carb veggies Whole grains and starchy veggies Beans, nuts and low carb fruits Proteins (including dairy & soy)
Atleast 1 to 3 cups Not more than ¼ to ½ cups cooked About ¼ to ½ cups depending on carbs About 1 to 2 servings (1 serving is roughly the size of a card deck)
·   Leafy greens/lettuces ·   Whole grain flours ·   Lentils or daals ·      Whole, unprocessed meats and poultry

·      Paneer

·   Bulgur (broken wheat) ·   Soybeans
·   Spinach ·   Oats ·   All beans & legumes
·   Mushrooms ·   Barley ·      Eggs
·   Broccoli ·   Popcorn (home popped) ·      Fish
·   Cauliflower About 1/4 cup ·      Tofu
·   Avocados ·   Buckwheat (kuttu) ·   All forms of unsweetened & unsalted nuts ·      Unsweetened yogurt
·   Cucumber ·   Sweet potato ·      Cheese
·   Celery ·   Potato
·   Cabbage ·   Peas
·   Bell peppers ·   Corn About 1 – ½ cup
·   Beet root ·   Turnips ·   Melons
·   Green beans ·   Pumpkin ·   Raspberries
·   Carrot ·   Strawberries
·   Radishes ·   Plums
·   Citrus fruits





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