Opting for physiotherapy services at home is a common phenomenon due to various reasons such as its high convenience factor, not just for the patients but also their family and caregivers. With rise in the popularity of physiotherapy at home, there has been a significant emergence of many medical home care service providers who tend to provide physiotherapy at patients’ homes. While everyone speaks highly of their offerings and claims to be the best in the market, it is mandatory that one does a thorough research to ensure that they truly are getting the best physiotherapy services at home.

Following are some key aspects to consider while making the right choice among the many available options for the home physiotherapy service provider:

The credibility of the therapist and the service provider

The physiotherapist is the central figures in any physiotherapy care set up at patients’ homes and therefore, it is important that they be properly trained, certified and experienced. It is preferable to opt for professional and certified home healthcare service providers having on-roll physiotherapists rather than availing care from individual therapists. In case of physiotherapists from a professional home healthcare service provider, the chances of accountability and credibility is higher than in case of freelancers.  The service providers will ensure that their personnel are trained not just theoretically but practically as well using simulators and clinic settings.

Treatment type and regime

Physiotherapists are formally trained specialists who use a wide gamut of treatment methods such as musculoskeletal manipulation, dry needling, massage and also offer education to the patients/caregivers about their conditions. Generally speaking, it is always best to leave the decisions about treatment procedures to the professionals. But it can be beneficial for the patient or the caregiver to inquire about a physiotherapist’s treatment methods in some cases. For say, if you need to include massage as part of your treatment, you might request the service provider for someone who is specialised in providing massage for your therapy. Similarly, if the patient’s treatment includes the use of electronic equipment, the patient must be careful and roughly aware of the methodology. If the pain aggravates in the area of treatment, they should get it addressed immediately.

Equipment and Technology used for physiotherapy

To offer adequate personalised care therapy to the patient, the home physiotherapist should have high-quality equipment and technology at his disposal. To guarantee that the patient gets the best physiotherapy at home, always opt for a provider that uses proprietary technology and advanced equipment for treating the patients at home, in the best possible way.

The back-end support

While a physiotherapist helms the treatment in the foreground of the physiotherapy services at home, the back-end support services provided are equally essential. This includes on-call customer support, online monitoring of treatment etc. In some medical cases like cancer treatment, total hip replacement surgery etc., the physiotherapist works in collaboration with several other medical experts to offer a holistic treatment to the patient. In this case, a centralized evaluation team helps everyone in the treatment ecology to remain in the loop, with respect to the current treatment that the patient is undergoing.

Review and Audit Mechanism

For best home physiotherapy services, following standard clinical protocols even in the home setting is pivotal in the safe recovery of the patient. The physiotherapist at home must follow all medical and clinical standards at par with that of hospitals. The physiotherapist must maintain a detailed documentation of the treatment administered and the progress report of the patient on a regular basis. This must also be regularly audited by the clinical supervisors for an uninterrupted and regulated treatment of the patient.

A physiotherapy treatment under such suitable conditions in a setup as comfortable as home would only serve in the interest of the patient and his family and would help him recover in the safest and quickest possible manner.

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