Taking a break from your routine surely calls for a much deserved vacation. But if you have diabetes, then vacation planning must involve careful preparation so as to not disrupt your diabetes management and care program.

To be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest and yet be in total control of diabetes, let us look at the top 9 tips to have a safe and healthy trip.

Don’t Forget your Medication, Diabetes Supplies and Diabetes Diagnosis Prescription

Discuss your travel plans with your doctor and keep them well-informed. They will guide you with all the necessary precautions. Pack diagnosis documents mentioning you have diabetes and medicine prescription along with double amount of all your medicines and diabetes supplies with clearly labeled syringes and insulin delivery systems.

Be Extra Careful of Your Diet

Your meals should be in line with the nutritional advice given for a diabetic regime. Ask for a diabetic friendly serving everywhere and carry dry fruits with you as instant energy boosters.

Take Different Climatic Conditions and Time Zones Into Account

The difference between time zones and climatic conditions may make you hungry at a time you should be sleeping. Be well informed about the climate and weather conditions of your destination. Stick to your regular exercise regime and keep a track of your blood sugar levels.

Mode of Travel and Diabetes

Be very careful about your food and medical supplies if you are travelling by air. Opt for low fat, low cholesterol diabetic meal. Keep yourself well hydrated whatever be your mode of travel.

Sail Through Security Checkpoints

With all the medical supplies and insulin syringes etc., you may have a hard time going through endless security checks at the airport. Inform security personnel about your diabetes condition well in advance and share your doctor’s prescription stating the same.

Take Care of your Feet

Keep your feet as comfortable and dry as possible. Carry two pairs of shoes and change them often to avoid blisters. Do not ever walk barefoot anywhere during your trip. Keep examining your feet and seek medical assistance immediately upon any changes.

Did We Mention the Insulin!

Speak to your doctor before leaving about how to adjust your insulin shots according to the climate and time zone of your destination. Have a watch depicting your hometown time zone for easier transition. If you take insulin, be sure to administer it when you know you would be taking your meal within the next five minutes. Delay in meal after taking insulin will lead to low glucose levels. Carry snacks to ensure you have something to eat even if the meal is delayed. Be careful not to inject air into the insulin bottle when you are taking it during flight.

Responsibly Dispose the Used Supplies

As a responsible traveller and for the general safety of others, please ensure safe disposal of your sharp supplies. Ask for a separate container or waste bin just for your sharp supplies. Never leave used sharp equipment unattended.

Travelling with diabetes requires a lot of planning which may seem overwhelming along with the extensive planning required for a smooth trip. In such situations an expert advice customized to your trip needs and diabetic conditions offers great support. With HealthCare atHOME’s DIABEE care services and Certified Diabetes Experts (CDEs) to guide you through the entire process from trip planning to execution, you can really breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy your travel.

To incorporate better diabetes management in your lifestyle, contact us at 1800-102-4224.



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