An extremely serious type of physical trauma, spinal cord injury is often referred to the damage caused to the spinal cord. Protected by the vertebrae, the spine contains many nerves, and extends from the brain’s base down the back, ending close to the buttocks.
Responsible for sending messages from the brain to all parts of the body, the spinal cord also sends messages from the body to the brain. Humans are able to perceive pain and move their limbs only because of messages sent through the spinal cord.

Due to spinal cord injury, a person may experience a complete or total loss of sensation and mobility below the injury. With proper medical treatment, recovery from spinal cord injury is possible.

Here are 5 ways to help accelerate spinal cord injury recovery:

1. Physiotherapy at home – After a spinal cord injury, you must do exercises that help improve mobility, increase muscle strength, and enhance flexibility. Your physiotherapist might also recommend hydrotherapy or massage to help relieve pain. In such cases, home physiotherapy works better as it allows you to recover in the comfort of your home and spares your spine the additional stress and pressure of commuting from one place to another.

2. Gait training – If your injury has adversely affected the way you walk or impacted your ability to coordinate muscle movements, you might need to spend time with a walking stick or walker while you regain mobility and return to normal functioning of your limbs. This type of physical therapy is called gait training. It can take some time to get back to normal, but diligently following your physical therapist’s instructions will help you get there faster.

3. Healthy diet and lifestyle – The healthier you are during spinal cord injury recovery period, the quicker you will heal. This means ensuring that you have proper nutritional intake, are getting sufficient rest, and avoid unhealthy behaviors. Smoking is very bad for people during spinal cord injury recovery because it can enhance the risk of secondary complications and increase the time it takes to recover.

4. Swelling mitigation – If your spinal cord injury results in swelling, you should take prompt measures to control it. Excessive swelling can slow down the healing process and cause additional pain. The application of cold therapy with active compression is an effective way to limit the pain and swelling associated with spinal cord injuries.

5. Pain management – Many spinal cord injuries result in pain throughout the rehabilitation process. It is important to manage this pain responsibly in consultation with your doctor. Although pain medication might be recommended during the early phases of your recovery, the faster you are able to reduce your dependency on medication, the better you will be able to gauge how well your body is healing. Cold therapy with active compression is an excellent way to help lessen pain without the need for medication.

Spinal cord injury recovery can be a stressful process. However, if you work closely with your healthcare expert throughout the rehabilitation process, you can return to normal routine more quickly.


Spinal cord injury recovery with physiotherapy at home:

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