With each passing day, more and more number of people are being diagnosed with diabetes, primarily because of their unhealthy lifestyle. It is usually seen that after the diagnosis, people follow their doctors advise very seriously. However, after their blood sugar comes under control, they take their health for granted. As a matter of fact, we would like to tell you that bringing the blood sugar within normal limits is one thing and maintaining it is a different thing altogether. This requires a lot of commitment from the patient.

Let’s discuss some common mistakes that people with diabetes make:

1. Not recording blood sugar readings at adequate intervals

Our blood glucose levels vary with the type of meals we are taking, activities we are indulging in as well as the time of day. It’s very important to keep a log of blood glucose levels measured several times a day, so that the doctor can effectively manage our medications.

2. Consuming food high in sugar

Often, people with diabetes feel that their medications would counter balance the sugar they consume and hence, they do not attempt to cut down on sugars, sweets and even desserts. This can prove dangerous for the overall diabetes management plan.

3. Skipping diabetes medicine

All prescribed medicines should be taken by the patient at the right time as advised by the doctor. Timing makes a big difference in the effectiveness and safety of the diabetes management plan.

4. Pick-choosing from doctor’s advice

With the fear of having too many medicines or the thought of taking medications for a long period of time, diabetics start to ignore doctor prescribed medicines and think that they can manage their diabetes merely though diet change and exercise. This can lead to spikes in the blood glucose levels which can further worsen their health. All changes in the medication should be made strictly as per the doctor’s advice.

5. Hiding facts from your doctor

At times, people do not follow doctor’s advice to the core. They often miss their follow-ups. Sometimes, they don’t even share the right information with the doctor, including the names of all the medicines they are using. The reason for this may be a feeling of guilt that they have missed out on their previous commitments made to the doctor. We should always be truthful to the doctor/healthcare provider to help them understand better and plan the treatment regimen. Also, we should ask for alternatives for the problem areas faced by us.

Thus, fighting with diabetes is such a battle that requires active participation of both the doctor & the patient. People with diabetes can certainly win it, if they take a conscious decision to follow a healthy lifestyle & avoid the above mistakes.



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