Hi Mom! Congratulations on the arrival of your little one! We can totally understand the joy and excitement you are experiencing right now.
But hold on….along with all this happiness, there’s one other thing new mothers may need to be ready for postpartum back pain. If you are constantly thinking “why does my back hurt so much ?” Don’t worry!

We will help you understand the reasons for post-delivery back pain and ways to deal with it.

Why does your back hurt so much after giving birth?

First of all, there is no reason to panic. Research says almost 50 percent of women suffer from back pain in the first few months after having a baby. So, breathe easy, and understand why this happens.

1. During pregnancy your uterus expands, and weakens the abdominal muscles and pulls the lower spine forward, putting strain on your back.
2. A wrong posture during pregnancy could be a reason for your achy back.
3. Increased hormones could also lead to back pain. During pregnancy, your body releases progesterone and relaxing hormones to loosen the ligaments and joints of the pelvic bone, for the baby to come out easily. These hormones stay with you for a few more months, leading to post-delivery back pain.
4. If you are overweight, it puts extra pressure on your back muscles, leading to chronic pain.
5. Your body goes through a lot of transformation during and after pregnancy, and the delivery process itself is so exhausting, it puts your lower back under severe strain.

When will the back pain subside?

Usually, the back pain goes away within six months after delivery, as the high hormone levels get back to normal. Moreover, your body also recovers from the delivery in a few months and the back pain automatically begins to wane.
Though, in some cases, the pain continues for about a year, owing to the physically taxing work a new mom does.
But fret not; we have some of the most effective ways to get relief from the back pain!

Here are some quick and easy ways to manage your back pain

1. Walk, Walk, Walk – Though moving around with a back pain might be the last thing you might have on mind. But trust us, walking is the safest exercise. You can start immediately after a normal delivery or even after a C-section. You can also opt for yoga to strengthen your strained muscles.

2. Start with Pelvic Tilts – Consult with your care provider about your back pain, and if she/he recommends, you can start with pelvic tilts. Here’s how to do pelvic tilts.

• Lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent
• Keep your feet flat on the floor
• Tighten your abdominal muscles and bend your pelvis up slightly
• Hold up for 10 seconds
Repeat it 10 times
Remember; always listen to your body. If there is discomfort, STOP right away. Also, if you have had a C-section, you may have to wait for at least six weeks to start with this exercise.

3. Maintain normal body weight – Try to get back to your normal weight after a month of delivery. A correct diet is very important after the pregnancy; this will help maintain an ideal weight.

4. Sleep with a knee pillow – Take the pillow between the knees to align your hips while you sleep. This will prevent pain from disturbing your sleep.

5. Stop lifting – DO NOT lift heavy objects after delivery, as this can put severe pressure on your back muscles and joints, and can further aggravate the pain.

6. MAKE TIME TO REST – No matter how active a person you are, now is the time to give your body some rest.

7. Hold your baby properly – Avoid carrying your little on one hip for long durations, as it can increase the pressure on the back muscles.

8. Say “no” to high-heels – Just stop wearing your high-heels for a few months after delivery.

9. Say “yes” to warm water baths – Avoid bathing in cold water, as it can strain the muscles, and make the back pain more severe. After the delivery, taking warm water baths will relax your strained muscles.

10. Practice deep breathing – Take a deep breathe, tighten your abdominal muscles. Hold this for 3 counts, and then exhale slowly. This would bring a sense of warmth and positivity and would ease the discomfort of your back pain.

It’s not easy being a mother, but don’t let the pain stop you from enjoying this state of eternal bliss! Have patience, keep a positive attitude stress less and give your body some time to get back to normal. Remember you are strong, and you can get through this.

If your back pain persists, turns severe, or is constant, or is getting progressively worse, seek medical help. Contact HealthCareAtHOME, Call us on 7097297646 to get expert advice on getting back to a pain-free life.

Wish you and your little bundle of joy good health and happiness!


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