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Pawan's journey to better health

Mr. Pawan Murishwar, a 71 year old businessman was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) 6 years back.

With absolute lack of awareness about high blood sugar, Pawan’s erratic lifestyle and no physical activity was adding to his suffering, with an existing problem of micro-albuminuria and cervical spondylitis. He was gaining weight and had a BMI of 32 kg/m2, Class 1 stage of obesity. His waist-to-hip ratio was 0.99, well above the normal range of 0.90 in men. Pawan’s unhealthy eating patterns included consumption of deep fried and processed foods.

His wife decided to take matters in her hand and reached out for Diabee – a comprehensive diabetes management program powered by HealthCare atHOME (HCAH) to pull Pawan out of the diabetes net.

Team Diabee immediately carried out an in-depth health assessment and identified the problem areas. His random blood sugar was above 285 mg/dl. Pawan was advised to exercise for 15 min / day – five times a week which gradually increased to 30 minutes every day. Hypoglycemia awareness was facilitated through on-call interactive sessions along with on-the-go chat support by a health coach. Pawan also started following the self-monitoring blood sugar process as explained.

After 8 weeks, he himself noticed visible improvements with random blood sugar dropping to 188 mg/dl. His BMI reduced to 30.8mg/dl and he started walking for 40 mins every day, five times a week. With easy to cook healthy recipes suggested by Team Diabee, he was able to control and manage his blood sugar rising incidents.

Mrs. Usha Murishwar
(Mr. Pawan’s Wife)

“Team Diabee carried out the entire process in a very systematic manner with a lot of empathy for the mental stress my husband was going through. It is commendable how they brought about changes in his lifestyle which were so simple yet so significant.”

Case Details

Name: Mr. Pawan Murishwar
Age: 71 Y/M
Diagnosis: Living with Diabetes since 6 years with persistent micro albuminuria, cervical spondylitis
Service Taken: Diabee- Diabetes Management Program for 6 months

On Boarding Condition:
High blood glucose levels
Random readings exceeded 285mg/dl
Class 1 obese with a BMI of 32kg/msq
Waist Hip Ratio of 0.99
Frequent episodes of blood sugar falling dangerously around 50mg/dl
Inactivity and high intake of deep fried and processed foods

What We Did:
In-depth health assessment
Dietary modifications with easy to cook, prepare and carry options
Personalised exercise plans suiting his lifestyle
Interactive sessions on Hypoglycaemia & self-monitoring of blood glucose
On the go chat support from Health Coach

Random blood sugar dropped to 118mg/dl
BMI dropped to 30.8kg/msq
Has graduated to 40 mins walk / 5 times a week
Makes healthier food choices
Hypoglycemic events have considerably reduced

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