Cancer Treatment

Archana’s journey to better health

Mrs. Archana Bishwas is all about courage, undying spirit and fighting back the deadliest illness on the planet – Cancer. Having courageously battled breast cancer for the past six long years, she has defeated all odds in rigorously following her chemotherapy sessions.

Mrs. Archana has been undergoing chemotherapy for the past 6 years after being diagnosed with breast cancer. With her spouse working outside the country, she had to travel alone to get the treatment and nobody was by her side to take care. With HealthCare atHOME, she is getting her chemotherapy done at her home and at a lower cost than hospital. She does not have to travel anymore, and all her family members and doctors are well informed about the status of her recovery through online reports.
HealthCare atHOME on boarded Mrs. Archana for chemotherapy infusions and has been carrying out extensive treatment for her under trained expert guidance. Her treatment regime includes vital signs monitoring along with blood investigations at regular intervals as prescribed by the doctors. We also established a seamless coordination between the doctors’ advice, Mrs. Archana’s conditions and her family’s concerns.

Blood counts were checked and the toxicity criteria tool prescribed by National Cancer Institute (NCI) was also checked. We ensured blood reports are informed to doctor and he advised to administer chemotherapy. With the chemo port present and insertion done under aseptic non touch technique, the chemo port is found to be patent.
After satisfying the patient and their family of all vitals and preparation being under control, chemotherapy was started safely.

During chemotherapy, HealthCare atHOME ensured patient’s general condition is stable and vital signs are also stable. Chemotherapy was administered in the first attempt as advised and no reaction noted. Further, chemo port needle flushing was done after chemotherapy and was removed safely. No signs of swelling or redness noted and post chemotherapy the vital signs of the patient are absolutely stable.

As a result, the first cycle of Chemotherapy was completed by Healthcare atHOME without any complications. Post that the second cycle of Chemotherapy was also administered well without any complication. There were no signs of anaphylaxis or extravasation noted. Mrs. Archana was advised for post chemotherapy precautions and follow up of medications. Health education about oral hygiene, importance of nutritional intake, post chemotherapy precautions were also communicated to Mrs. Archana for a healthier lifestyle. She was also assured of an escalation mechanism in case of any side effects.

Pradeep Bishwas
(Mrs. Archana’s Husband)

“With HealthCare atHOME, I am relieved that my wife no longer has to travel for chemo and that she is receiving the best medical care in the comfort of her home. Being in constant contact with experts from HealthCare atHOME and the doctors, I am well informed of her progress.”

Case Details

Name: Mrs. Archana Bishwas
Age: 40/Female
Location: Delhi
Service Taken: Chemotherapy Infusion

Cancer in left breast, second recurrence
Metastasis on liver and spine

On Boarding Condition:
Cancer in left breast detected
MRM done followed by chemotherapy + radiotherapy
Due to disease progression consultant started new regimen of IV chemotherapy and first cycle

What We Did:
Blood investigations done and informed to doctor
Chemo port Needle insertion done under aseptic technique
Chemotherapy given through chemo port as per advise
Periodical vitals monitoring done during chemotherapy
Chemo port needle flushing done and removed safely

1 st cycle of Chemotherapy without any complications
2 nd cycle of Chemotherapy administered well without any complication
No signs of anaphylaxis or extravasation noted
Post chemotherapy advice given

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