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Relaxing in summer

The summer is here. And this means a long list of good things - longer days, brighter sunshine, vacations, days spent relaxing on the beach, etc. But the increase in temperature and the harshness of the sun’s rays during the summer can have harmful effects on your body. You may experience headaches, cramps, fatigue, dry skin, heat stroke, etc. These are seen more so in young children, senior citizens, pregnant women and those exposed to the sun and heat for prolonged durations of time. While these symptoms might seem mild at first, they could get complicated quickly if not addressed.
So, if you’re looking at making this summer a fun and exciting yet safe one, here’s how you can prepare for this season:

- Keep yourself hydrated
Make sure you drink atleast 8 glasses of water everyday. You can even opt for juices or other clear liquids as they will keep you energized. Limit your intake of alcohol as it can dehydrate you quickly.

- Stay indoors and stay cool
Try and stay indoors as much as possible, especially in the afternoons, when the sun’s rays are at their harshest. You can cool off by taking cold showers or even dabbing your skin with a cold wet towel. To stay fit, choose an indoor workout during the summer or try swimming.

- Dress right
Make sure you dress right for the summer. This includes wearing loose and light clothes. Avoid dark coloured clothes as they absorb heat. Use protective gear such as an umbrella, a hat and sunglasses when you go out. And of course, don’t forget to use a good sunscreen lotion.

- Make your diet summer-friendly
Your diet needs to change according to the season. In the summer, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables during the day. This will keep you healthy and hydrated. You can also include cooling foods such as yoghurt in your diet. Limit your intake of spicy and heavy foods as these can increase your body temperature, which can be harmful to your health in the summer.

- Be careful
Last but not the least, watch out for signs of heatstroke and dehydration. If you see prolonged effects of these summer-related health problems, it’s important to see a doctor.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful summer, full of memories of fun and frolic!

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