How is Technology affecting your Health

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 Girl suffering from headache due to excessive use of laptop

Finding friends on Facebook, confirming purchases while sitting at home or simply finding a little bit of calm, technology may be nothing but valuable in our lives! But hold on before plugging in, technology may also be a huge hazard for our health.

Below mentioned are some tech-related health risks that may be of your concern. Perhaps it is time to power down a bit!

  • Smartphone Stress
    Continuous exposure to your Smartphone, and excessive indulgence to various multi-tasks that it brings with itself may result in stress. The stress that contributes to headaches, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, low energy and more. It might even wreck your spine, so take a break! Switch off your device for a while, and ease out the stress within you. You may create a tech-free zone at your home to unplug from the virtual reality around you.
  • Eye Fatigue
    Computer Vision Syndrome or Eye Fatigue is a common occurrence among those who stay glued to the screen for long hours at a time. It is an underlying cause for many eye-related health problems like blurry vision, moderate dry or dry eyes, irritation and redness and more. Health Tip: Avoid small font size.
  • Cancer-related health issues
    As per WHO’s research, mobile phones emit radiofrequency (RF) fields a 1000 times greater than what is emitted from base stations. This increased emission is more likely to have some adverse effects on the health of users, perhaps even lead to cancer.
  • Carpel Tunnel from Excessive Typing
    Carpel tunnel, one cause of wrist pain, can occur from excessive typing. So just relax on the tweets and take regular breaks from your laptops. You should try and keep the keyboard sufficiently low so that the wrist doesn’t bend upwards.
  • Wi-Fi decreases sperm count
    The laptop isn’t really meant for your lap. Recent Studies suggest that this may inhibit the sperms from swimming. In fact, research goes on further to suggest that radiation from Wi-Fi can even kill sperm if the laptop is too close to the crotch.

Technology is a blessing, let us not make it a curse!

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