8 healthy habits for healthier kidneys

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 Nurse holding a dummy cross section of kidney

The rise in kidney related issues are caused by drastic changes in our diet and lifestyle. Kidney dysfunction may not show any symptoms in the initial stage but it is a serious condition and also potentially fatal. Thus, it is necessary to strengthen your kidneys by following healthy habits below:

  • Say no to smoking
    Smoking shrinks and hardens the arteries supplying blood to different organs in the body including kidneys. This damages the renal capacity leading to kidney failure.
  • Avoid binging on alcohol
    Excessive consumption of alcohol upsets kidney's capacity to channel blood. Liquor related kidney illness is very common in urban context.
  • Go for a vitamin-loaded diet
    Certain vitamins like vitamin C, D and B6 are useful for your kidney and their absence may have a negative effect on the functioning of kidneys. It is good to bask in the sunlight for 10-15 minutes daily for letting your body absorb the right amount of vitamin D. Include balanced amounts of fish, chickpeas, potatoes and vegetables for vitamin D and non-citrus fruits for vitamin C.
  • Do not compromise sleep
    Sleep allows the tissues of the kidney to get revitalized. Prolonged sleep deprivation is a major cause for chronic kidney illnesses. Ensure you have a sound sleep for 7-8 hours during night time.
  • Exercise enough
    30 minutes of walk helps in curbing the chance of developing kidney stones and managing cardiovascular issues- a health hazard for individuals with chronic kidney diseases (CKD) and those on dialysis.
  • Excessive protein intake is risky
    Excessive protein intake than what is preferable for your age and weight can burden your kidneys. Dietary protein consumption needs to be in tandem with the functioning of the kidneys. Those constantly suffering from kidney problems or hypertension ought to avoid high protein diets.
  • Drinking enough water
    Kidneys are the waste treatment plant in your body that flushes out toxins in the blood using water. Extreme amounts of waste and neglect in water consumption causes kidney stones and other kidney maladies. It is advisable to drink enough water every day depending on different body types.
  • Avoiding too much of salt
    Salt adds to the taste in your food and is essential for the body. But larger quantities of salt causes hypertension which in turn leads to damage to your kidneys. It is prescribed to limit your salt intake to 5 grams or below per day.

Kidney is a crucial organ in your body that helps in detoxifying and keeping the concoction of the blood under check. Avoid unhealthy lifestyle and follow a healthier diet to keep your kidneys safe and sound.

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